Has anyone bought this spinner before? Ebay. Will it outpreform a washing machine? Ethanol Removal

Hey everyone,

I found a recommendation for this product on this site but for some reason cant find the thread it was in. It’s for ethanol recovery from material.

I was going to go through the process of doing the washing machine retrofit as mentioned in washing machine tek. Then I realized it’s going to be a bit of a pain in the ass by the time I spend 20h gathering supplies and sourcing the right washer for the job and doing the work myself. Then making sure all the gaskets/seals are of the proper materials, and also actively making the machine uninsurable lol.

This seemed like a relatively cheap option. Has anyone used? It


If anyone has any feedback before I pull the trigger I’d super duper appreciate it.
I’m on a relatively limited budget and this seemed like the best unit for the price range.


I’m now debating on buying one. 44 lbs of lettuce at at time would be nice. Fresh clean salad!


The diameter on the panda is 9.5 compared to the diameter on that one from Ebay is under 7 inches. That might be an issue you’d want to check out before buying. Im currently trying out the same process and read that a lot of people have a hard time getting the bags in and out of the centrifuge. I couldn’t find the rpm on that Ebay one but its also 4 times the price of a panda. I just bought two pandas and going to try those out


stainless vs plastic. Also I have read of issues with the panda not handling alcohol well. But the internet, it never lies :crazy_face:

edit: also panda is 300 watt, this one is 750. But, they might both be crap…

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Yeah people are having issues with heptane denatured etoh and plastic. I agree they are both not the best but I’m sure they both get the job done.

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I think the panda might have issues on longevity. If it’s full all the time and running 24/7 I can’t imagine anything plastic being super happy. I mean even just chemical compatibility wise; as an alcohol distiller I can certainly attest to ethanol wearing down HDPE containers. The compatibility is great, but it’s not as great as stainless. On the other hand I don’t know how to run the numbers on it, but even a 2-3% increase in solvent recovered starts to quickly pay for itself if the panda does even small gains over the stainless.

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I think I read this thing spins up to 1500rpm with a smaller diameter barrel I imagine it produces far less g forces then the panda. Ideally we would want a stainless panda with no contact plastic parts lol


Brand new toy.


Can’t wait to bring her flowers and liquor and ask her to do a spin for me…


Hehe, nice plug :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Should I ask for the price quote on here or via email?

I packed 4lbs of trim in a bag and into the panda it went after the soak. When I first opened it and tried to take the bag out I was thinking “oh no what have I done”!! After struggling for a minute I figured out that if you get a corner or part of the bag above the rim you can turn the panda upside down and slowly poke and pull on the bag until material starts to fill the empty piece you were able to pull out above the rim. It came out pretty easily after I did that. Now please keep in mind that last night was the first and only time I used a panda and started doing ethonal extract.


Yeah, shameless, first time for everything…

I make it one of seven centrifuges being shown this week at MjBizcon in Vegas.

We’re sill trying to figure out pricing.

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Well I requested the whitepaper and I’m excited to take a gander at the specs. I’m sure your customer support would be a step above the ebay or panda offerings :slight_smile:

Am on a budget but am certainly interested in what you guys are offering!

I’m also a bit worried the 3 year warranty on the panda might not be honored when it’s dyed completely green :stuck_out_tongue:


How much is that thing? I want it

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I tip the whole panda upside down and try.to dump all.the shit out into a bin so the bag will come out. Usually 50% ends up on the floor


I have no problems really getting bags in and out of the panda, but I try to keep them 1lbs and under on each bag

I put 4 pounds in my first time. Sure 1 pound would go in and out pretty easy.

Well as a friendly gesture I’ll buy one at cost and let you know what I think it’s worth after using it :blush:. I have some consulting credit with Photon_Noir I have yet to use. Just haven’t had the time to get on the phone with him. Hope the show is going well for you both. I wasn’t able to attend because Lab society messed up an order for me and I have to stay home and work now.


I sent you guys an email would love to get a quote on one of these!


Does this require single or 3phase?