Has any tried a tomstumbler

Ttt2100 tomstumbler or any one in that sort bladeless rolling trimmers


I have used the Tom’s Tumbler, and I absolutely hated it. Requires a fair amount of prep to get the flower ready, the flower has to be over desiccated, it kiefs the crap out of the product, and it is either river-rocked or requires “touch-up” trimming to make it bag ready.

I hated being forced to use it, and I do not recommend the (outrageously overpriced) tumbler unless you are using it for making dry sift. Even then it is, way, way overpriced for what it is.


What would you recommend boss for something that range or a lil more or any tips or brands

I was thinking a t6 but my partner was aiming for the tomstumbler

Idk what you’re trying to trim quantity wise. But the cannabrush is fire and anyone that says it’s not hasn’t used it or has boof.

On dank top shelf nugs it does 95% of the work in a few seconds. Then you can finish it with scissors after. Way quicker then hand trimming and doesn’t beat up your nug like a machine trimmer

Edit just googled the trimmer in question and came to the conclusion you’re doing a lot. Idk if my solution scales up so nicely unless you have a bunch of wooks lol

Imo it’s only good for well cured flower that you can basically knock the sugar leaf off & have no large fans present for the trim screens. But if you wanna tumble the shit outta some fresh frozen on a micron screen I suggest one over micron bags cause you can collect a large amount in a short amount of time (15 min intervals) running multiple units is recommended though if you really want to scale. The only bottle neck them is how much you can put in a freeze dryer.

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Hit up @SubstituteCreature he has what you seek.


@Greenleafpro Appreciate the shit out of you buddy!

I’ve got a fuckin ungodly amount of T4s I refurbished straight up with the leaf suckers on all of them too fixed up by hand if you ever need anything. Expecting these things to start flying toward the end of this month


Cannabrush and freeze dryer at 45 degree shelf temp over here. I have several centurians including the 3 barrel medical trimmer and I also have two resinator XLs which I can do cryo trim with a nylon net. By far vest result is cannabrush.

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Love mine. I have 2 haha they’re great

I glued the bottom grate of an oxy pot to the lid of a 5-gallon bucket. Insert weed. Shake.

BAM. Instant $10 dry trimmer.

EDIT: I wonder if I could put it on some kind of rollers like a rock tumbler so I didn’t even have to shake it.


Attach it to a drill bit

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