Harvest Right Freeze Dryer

Hi all, noob here, I am getting my freeze dryer in shortly and was thinking I could get some helpful advice b4 I start using it. And and all help is very welcome as this will be my first time with the dryer. I have a rosin press that I have been using for a bit now and looking to go to the next level.
Experimented with Rosin, bho, 200proof alcohol wash with cr in buckner with active charcoal, have a bud that opened a CBD lab and is very knowledgeable but is always very busy as we get that going. So knowing all he has going in I really dont want to bother him. So…

  1. What all can I do with this machine, I initially got it for perfecting my rosin but just found out I have COPD so cant partake in smoking anymore other than to test once in a great while till I find out more on my lungs.
  2. Other than drying the herbs, which I am new and inexperienced to this process, will be looking into making edibles for myself. So any and all help is needed, wanted and welcomed.
    Thanks so much in advance and I find everyone on here soon feeding me. I really appreciate it all!

Besides drying bubble hash (its best use) it can be used to dry flower but have been told it doesnt smoke the same. Im sure it would be an awesome final step in multiple edibles. You can make awesome new things and probably make them mold free by taking out the water content. If i had one it would be mostly to use for food, jerky, space icecream, and drying/preserving all my extras from the garden.
If your dehydrating anything really terpy, i wonder what a cold trap between ur pump and harvest right would do?


Never even thought that far out yet. But ya I’m going to be running LOTS of experiments!!! Since I cant toke anymore. I have thought of infused sugar using thca! :laughing:

Would there be any contamination issues i would have to worry about if I used a FD for both Bubble and for non Cannabis kid related use? Obviously i wouldn’t be doing it at the same time.

I dont think so.

I always wanted to run some bho on fresh flowers freeze dried with this. I bet would come out nicely

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Wanted to know if anyone else had been playing around with these for there bubble hash I had a run at 50f for a total of 10 hours with vac and pulled a nice sandy texture was wondering what others had done in the past?

First pic is the 90 I wet end pic is finished products of different mesh sizes


Ive been messing around with a harvest right freezer dryer too! Recently a batch came out still damp after being in the dryer for 11ish hours. I ran at 50F shelf temp too. It was a lot of material that was run and a lot of hash, so it may have been too thick of a patty. How thick do you make yours? And how long do you let it freeze for before starting the drying procedure? Thanks for any help!

Hey sorry for the late response but I like to freeze it for a hour or two after rolling it flat with the press screen to remove excess water, I leave the shelves at 40-45 and leave the vacuum pulling for 18-24 hours till I open the freezer make sure to open the valve at the lease possible if not expect a hashnado