Happy feet or phonyfeet?

Post Deleted. Thankyou


Damn, you mean it wasn’t just a series of very unfortunate circumstances and was instead his own actions that resulted in his difficulties? I literally never saw this coming.



I hope you’re not the one he blames for kidnapping his family member?


Damn. Why’d you post this Gustavo?

I literally just found work up there and now you’re making me look bad? Dude, you’re my best friend. I wouldn’t do such thing to you. @terpy710

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I’ve worked since 2016 supporting my single mother and 7 siblings

Aint that some shit

Well, if y’all wanna be on his side I understand. But hey like sweet said, ain’t that some shit. I’m learning and trying to become a man.

When you have time, just take down my account. I’m tired of being discarded like a cardboard box

I don’t associate with your type

Same account same person yapping back and forth


No, Im your mum

It’s not I swear.

I’m glad your helping them agree on something. Hopefully, they can make up and become friends again.

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I wish. I really need to keep this job I just got :saluting_face::pray: