Gummies recipe needed

Dear all, in need of a gummy recipe using crude oil (both THC and CBD). This will be done in a compound pharmacy. I already have an idea of the desired concentrations. Need someone to provide/sell a recipe and SOPs.

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Have you tried searching? There are quite a few recipes posted on the site that are tried and true.

@MillerliteRN, wanna sell your recipe? Lol


I can help you out.

What pharmacy is dealing in THC & CBD. I hope a Pharmacist is not risking their license in this endeavor.

Either way I can still help


@MillerliteRN will sell you his for $350 and it’s legit


There are a lot of them in compounding. A lot of compounders work in the grey area.


Who’s your API provider? PCCA, Letco and fagron used to give out SOPs for gummy with their gelatin or if you’re a member.

There’s also a ton on this site. Check the edibles subcategory.

Cooking With Cannabis | Page 4 | International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums The recipe is on page dont need to oil silicone molds.

Hi, this is an overseas project. A market that is starting to develop and is medical only. All is done via a legally licensed compound pharmacy.


Looking to use distillate as base…recommended or not?

I’d recommend using distillate vs crude. Kinda of a no brainer as far as the taste, right.