Grow More Food

Show off your food production systems here!

Couple new projects we are working on


This is such a huge interest for me but growing veggies is completely new to me. Beautiful project man!

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I do something similar with windows…
Made 4 of these a few years ago . I like to find free shit and repurpose it to have value in my life. I know how to be poor lol. I’ve got some raised beds that will be moving soon. I’m about to take out 100+ alders and maples…going to open up the sky and move my garden to best take advantage of the available sun.


Take the trees you cut down and use them for/in hugelkulture beds.


I’ve literally got endless trees…they get used for non structural, outdoor building frequently. Mostly maple and alder. Alder is garbage though…chip that shit up and let the fungus have at it…


Peas and cucumbers…

Lettuce an herbs…

Okra and beans…

Hot and sweet peppers…tomatoes…onions…potatoes…carrots…

Normaly sweet potatoes and cantaloupes…

Squash yellow…

All organic of course…


I still have to run the soaker hoses and basicly the full water system needs worke…all of the raised beds have PVC run to them…I have 12 zones that get watered automatically.


Super nice cold frame! You might consider coppicing those alder for continued chipper food. That would eliminate the shade issue while preserving the nitrogen fixation capabilities of the tree. And any alder logs too big for the chipper, definitely use in the hugel beds


The chipper gets pretty hungry…coppicing not necessary. Alders are endless here.

I honestly need to learn more about soil maintenance and the like…I’ve got a start now to read about alders and their nitrogen fixation capabilities.


working on this raised bed.


Lol I’ve had 2 totes like this 1 I think all cherry tomatoes and 1 potatoes under a light in my wood boiler shed the last 2 months. Ton of other sprouts on the way lol always giving plant to family and friends.





I like seeing this stuff just as much as I like seeing the cannabis shit. Keep up the posts. I’m loving it



One of my dreams and goals in life to finish building out my fathers house in fiji; when I was in high school my father bought our first piece of property in fiji. my grandfather moved their before he passed away and married a fijian women, so we had a reason to go out there.

We started with bare land and first built out the green bunk house by hand with no power tools; while we did this we stayed with the fijians in the villages; that was an experience growing up; nothing like living like a 3rd worlder for a few months and then going back to LA for the school year and my pops back to work at NASA. Over the course of a few years and 3 or 4, 2 month vacations we built out the block house; all the while we meticulously manicured the jungle; built rock retention walls to control the flow of the water; we build massive exotic gardens and hired locals to go out and find “rare” plants from the deepest jungles in fiji. We planted pineapples, mangos, papaya, kasava, and sorts of other exotic fruits and veggies. On our last trip there when I was 18; we finally got power to the property; which is harder than you expect in a country like fiji.

Sadly I havent had an opportunity to go out there for many years; I miss it; and given current events it’s looking even more inviting. We had a fijian care taker who watched the property sadly he passed away a few years ago. The property has sat ever since. I plan on building it into a grand vacation home someday; and its looking like I may be doing that sooner than anticipated.

You dont need much in fiji; I quite enjoyed living off the land there; you fished from the sea; and foraged for fruit, I miss it to be honest. I grind hard so that some day I can build myself a balling house to retire too. That was always my father’s goal; sadly indent think he will ever get to live it out.

Uploading: DSCF3104.JPG… Uploading: DSCF3110.JPG…


Urban farm I grow different varieties of lettuce, micros, herbs and non traditional crops!
If you attended the last Vegas meetup, I brought samples and put them around the cheese platter. Hope y’all enjoyed! :green_heart:



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Plants need air, light and water. Supply those 3 things and the plant will take care of the hard work. Look online at the agricultural zone in which you live and plant accordingly. A majority of seed packs will have ‘instructions’ on when and where to plant along with time it takes to produce. Also, google is a pretty amazing resource for the home grower. Good luck

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Oooof this guy gets it! Well done sir

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