Green fraction

I was distilling some first pass that I had brine washed and rotovaped to go run a second pass and I had a green fraction come out.

I used some of summits clay and put my first pass and 30% of the clay in my Boiling flask.

Attached is a picture of it

It’s green

Yea some of that green death is usually still in there after the first pass. I don’t get quite that much on the second pass, but yea, it is expected. Do more scubbing between passes and it should help.

Scrubbing it with more carbon?

Clay not carbon will grab a lot more of the green color

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Which method do you use to for the clay?

I usually just put it with in my boiling flask.

Heat the dilute solution to 60C with the clay in it, then filter out using a silica bed.


Hello YTG420. Thank your for starting this conversation. I ALWAYS have this annoying green fraction right before my main body and have made the mistake of not letting the green run into the heads flask and putting that into the main body. This only happens on the first pass which is different than yours. It for sure can cause those vacuum hose terps/falvor that everyone hates. I have tried adding excess carbon and I always use clay when I winterize. The only way I get rid of this issue is to hold the temp at 190C until the green fraction distills over and leaves the condenser. This takes 15-30 min. My main body usually comes over from 195C-210C. Do you do a hot first pass?

I run in same problem before when using the shake to make crude . It’s cholophyll , the first pass green and smell nasty . I use the carbon scrub then DE filter thru silicat 60 , then do second run . Result is much better with colour and smell . Yield of course not great after all .

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Why would that have a serious impact on yield?

I do several time carbon scrub .

I was scared that it was still gonna be to thick. I’ll try that my next run.


The hybrid method we promote is to heat oil to 90c, add clay/mix for 30min, cool oil to 40-45c, add carrier solvent and filter clay out.

Oh snap I see a super sick mantle in the background :wink:
The green is normal. The flavanoids come in yellow and blue so naturally they will mix and create a green fraction. It’s a good sign you’re doing a good job because they are being removed. They have a similar boiling point as the cannabinoids and tend to carry over. The flavanoids degrade very quickly