Gravity Feeding Delta

Is there any reason that ethanol cannot be gravity fed into the Delta Cup 30? Thinking about using kegs with a valve to flood the extractor.

if you are running a filter in the process line you will need a pump, otherwise should be fine.

I will be running a filter and a pump, but as per my layout plans, I’d rather not move the pump around if I can gravity feed the delta.

Why do you have to move the one pump around? place the pump on the outlet of the delta and youll be good to go, as long as gravity is on you side!

Oh, I’d be using it for the filter as well. Trying to pinch the pennies.

why not filter as you pump? Do both at the same time?

one pump can fill it, empty it, and filter. you just need a T pipe or a full cross with ball valves… but yes a delta can be gravity fed, as long as the tanks obviously above the delta OR your tank has to be taller then the cup30 height, and itll fill as long as the volume in said vessel is above the cup30s height…

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