Gramming out live resin troubleshoot

I have some really saucy and wet sugar, like a loose granular badder, and I’m wondering what the best method for getting grams into jars would be. I have skilletools and many other flat devices that I use for badders and more diamond like sugars. Someone recommended a turkey baster, wondering if that may actually work.

It wont.

Experience and repetition is pretty much the best solution right now. Get someone that cares and is motivated to crank out a bunch of packages and incentivize a bonus to them to get X amount done an hour and with time they packagers will get faster and better.

there are a few automated extract depositors coming to market soon but nothing out yet that i would suggest.


Appreciate the advice. Just trying to find a way to make the packagers jobs easier. We’re a new company so we’re pretty inefficient and slow when it comes to gramming.

Its definitely everyone’s bottle neck but is usually an entry level position that just takes time to get quick and efficient at it. Similar to trimming, it take the right person and not everyone is going to be great at it.




Maybe a couple of little putty knives. Just a bunch of scraping and cutting and sizing. I’m sure a good operator will get a good handle on the technique.

Ordered some of these on Amazon and just shaped it to jar size TIHOOD 10PCS 2 in 1 Stainless Steel Lab Spoon Spatula/Laboratory Sampling Spoon Mixing Spatula

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