Grading Flower

Anyone else find it insane how differently people grade flower? Ive been involved with a few MoMs and grey market vendors and somebody says quads and the flower looks like trash, or worst ordering a p online and have it turn out to be sheeit. Its almost funny on some of the reddit forums, people showing pictures of their legal weed thinking its the bomb. Would be nice if there was a clear standard for grading flower, not even 100% sure how one would accomplish this but its pretty annoying when somebody tries to flex their “quads” and then show up with mids LOL When I think quads or + I think like the most bomb weed anyone has seen or smelt, high tricomes, high bag appeal, amazing nose and high potency. Anyone have a different criteria or an theory as to why there is such variation aside from inexperience? Or any ideas as to how there can be a system that is a bit more standardized?

It’s all subjective…. Quality means something different to everyone.


Well one things for sure, you’ll never see someone underselling or being conservative when describing their flower, if they’re exaggerating it’s always in the positive direction (obviously)

I guess there could be a firm that could rate flower? My issue with ratings in general is that you can always cherry pick a small sample of your best buds, and act like your entire yield is as impressive as your top dogs. You could send off a pound of hand-picked pieces of art to the firm to get a 5 star rating, only for the rest of your harvest to look mediocre at best.

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What about a good old GC FID paired with some parameters of organoleptics.

Surely there are some more subjective things to consider but the “quad” parameter feels like were still on the street getting that nicle bag…

We could have the following:

Density(can be measured)
Trichome density (can be mesured)
Trichome opacity (can be assesed)
Bractheole formation ( if a bracht is going to foxtail or is stil well closed)
Fragreance( as declared by the breeder)
Pistill lenght (as declared by the breeder)
Pistill collor ( as declared by the breeder)

Notice the breeder… He should be the one telling us what to expect from the variety.

If the grower deviates from the breeder descriptiors it has to to with the technique of cultivation that alters the variety to an unrecognizable morphyisiogical status I would consider not buying the thing.

Like the guy came and said:" man this guy grow the best weed!! Super skunk and amnesia haze both taste godamn lemony!!! Cant tell which is which!! soooooo gooooooood