Got pulled over last night w 50 lbs of trim...

So I was driving thru mendo last night and got pulled over w garbage bags of trim in the trunk of an SUV. They were def visible and smelt. The speed limit had just dropped 10mph so he got me goin 70 in a 55. He got all my papers and went back to his car. A couple min later a second car pulls behind him. He comes back and asks me when I smoked last. I told him a month (the truth actually). He asked to look at my eyes. Then said he believed me and asked if the smell was from the past. I told him I had some trimming scissors and that’s why it smelt. He said ok and gave me a warning. This is the second time this has happened to me since rec. Anyone else have experiences like this or am I just the luckiest person ever? My thoughts are if it’s legal to grow 6 plants there is no telling how much those 6 plants yield. So therefore I could say in court it was personal.


Get a radar detector. Save you the stress, regardless.


It is possible statistically, that a cop could possess decent morals and values, while also applying these morals and values to life and their work. But I doubt it…he was probably your average bootlicker who had so much shoe polish in his mouth he couldn’t smell the full stank of your trim haul.

Be safe out there homies.


Statistically rare due to institutional hiring practices that favor a lack of values and the cognitive ability to apply them.


Exactly, hence the need to say statistically. Reality is very different.


I agree completely, just had to add that extra bit because it personally pisses me off so much that the issues with policing in the U.S. are so institutionally ingrained.


He did mention that an asshole cop would have been different. And dude looked 20 years old


Everyone looks 20 something

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Make any cop mad enough and they can arrest you, take your stuff, impound your vehicle, and then hold you in jail for 3 days…and then let you go without any charges if they want. But of course you don’t get your stuff back. Doing this is legal and actually quite common.


My feeling is anything weed related isn’t worth the time/paperwork. I live in a non-rec state and that’s how it is here. They don’t even train the dogs to sniff out weed anymore. I know 50lb is a lot but what would’ve happened if you had been charged? a fine?


Glad you weren’t hassled, I would say don’t let your guard down, I would expect cops to do cop things,
is that a generalization ?


Waze > radar detector


Smell is not probable cause anymore. They have to see something illegal. His best case was catching you for owi and thats why he asked when you smoked. Your words saved your arse.


Even with 6 plant grow there’s still limit to how much you can have on you. Some cops just don’t push the issue. I got pulled over in la after secret sesh(didnt completely stop for stop sign)with well over limit of wax and weed in sight of officer. Got off with just a warning


At the el Dorado city council meeting where all rules and regulations were displayed I described the exact scenario of growing 10 lb plants and transporting 60 lbs and they said that it would totally hold up in court. Every county is different but I dont see mendo being more strict then a republican county like el dorado


I’ve been stopped multiple times with product over the years. Don’t be an asshole, be only as honest as you need to be. Keep things light, if you can get a laugh out of them they will most likely let you go


Where in Mendo? That scares me making the trip from Garb. Good lookin’ out and solid composure brother.

Waze is tough to use in the forest when we got next to no service though.


I work with a retired cop. Dead giveaways that they look for in trafficking corridors: 1. Doing exactly the speed limit 2. Not looking at a cop car that is blatantly monitoring traffic.

Basically, the more you try to project “Nothing to see here” the more suspicious you are. Match speed with the majority of traffic, glance at cop cars casually, try to look like you’re just out for a cruise.


South on 101 right before hopland