Good place to buy ro ice in se Michigan?

Wondering if there are any good options to buy reverse osmosis ice in se Michigan ?

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I have no idea, but I am curious so I have to ask… what do you need RO ice for? Lol I have never heard that request.


How much do you need? Under the counter ice makers are cheap and so are RO systems

If you have to buy it seems like that little investment would pay it self off quick

We are going down that path for sure, just looking for something to hold us over in mean Time until we get our ice machine, thanks for the heads up

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Making live rosin/bubble hash. Our well water is fairly shitty, we we ro the water to cut down on contaminants


Make your own.

All bag ice is similar. It is ade with filtered water but not RO like you want.


Ahh. I see.

Just out of curiosity, is no one in the extraction Industry selling ro ice? Grow stores anything?

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I dont think so. I’ve made ice from distilled water for bubble hash…but I’ve never heard of anyone offering such ice. It’s always been a DIY thing


Make it bro…frfr… put few gallon or 20 water bottles filled up with RO let them freeze