Good Metering Pumps for Ethanol?


I’m interested in getting metering pumps to add feed and dispense collected solvent out of a rotary evaporator to try and automate the whole process. I’m having surprising trouble sourcing these however. I know some of you have made this modification; what brands are you using, and what did you like/not like about your choice? Looking for flows in the 3-6L/hr range.


On the same boat as you but for my falling film evaporator. Considering the liquiflo pumps as well as the cole parmer peristaltic pumps for this.


Danfoss not cheap but really good


Would a standard explosion proof diaphragm high proof distillery pump work?

If you’re only moving alcohol and not product laden alcohol. I’m guessing something like this might work.


way, way too fast for this application. I’m talking less than a gph, this is 5 gpm. Could however be useful as a general tool for moving alcohol from one vessel to another.


This may be a great time to “know someone” working at say JD or the like. They would have first hand knowledge on that. And may even steer you in the right direction.


This is pretty economical. Not sure it would work transferring chilled ethanol though as it is not rated for low temperatures. Probably worth a try.


I would use a piston liquid transfer pump from Cole Parmer, or the like. Peristaltics will work but i like to stay away from consumables


Sureflo diaphragm pumps are self priming and will pull against a vacuum