@GoldCoastTerpenes Review

@GoldCoastTerpenes (GCT) sent 3x3mL samples (GG#4, Zkittlez, and Purple Punch).

Took a few weeks to get in, but I genuinely appreciate their effort to get these samples in our hands so we can start formulating. We received the samples a week ago I believe. Extremely impressed. High quality, straight up (pic provided).

The possibilities and creative ideas are endless. What more can I say?

Y’all killed it :100: Thank you, truly
GCT.pdf (16.0 MB)


thank you for the samples, most excellent. sincerely.

I’ve prepped 3 samples to review later today. I’m not big on botanicals but it’s been some time since I’ve seen what is currently out there. I appreciate goldcoast following up to see they were received. Just keeping a busy work load.


Huge fan of the purple punch they have :ok_hand:


Alright. I’ve dabbed & carted all 3 flavors. They’re definitely worthwhile for distillate players,
Easily will turn any raw into a sellable product. The Sour diesel was way better than others I’ve tried. Your blends are worth recognizing. This isn’t easy to do. The purple punch was my #2 to the SD, the cookies honestly fucked my day up.

8-10+ hours later

Note to anyone sampling: don’t get high during the process of blending to sample.


On another note: my crotch must be giving off some kinda :fire: scent. I got a new girlfriend.

Take that data as you will


So many lonely folks gonna buy them just to dump on the crotchal region now :joy:


Idk what to say it’s fbo
So if it was the terps there you have it players.

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Yes I have analysis of some of the terps. I’ll look it up and send to you

Just received my samples aswell, nothing but greatness. Mixed the durban Poison with some disty and the custies loved it.

What percentage of Terps is everyone using with Gold Coast?

8% ish

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60g disty 3ml terps. 5%.

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Wanted to add that Rich is a real go-getter staying on top of his potential customers. Very professional. Something you don’t see often.

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How long did you guys wait for your orders from Gold Coast? I ordered on July 7 and still haven’t received it :man_facepalming:t4:

Hey Srry I responded to this incorrectly.

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Looking forward to trying my sample, thanks for the great customer service when my address want working @GoldCoastTerpenes

Are you Gold Coast Terpenes? lol


No I am not them, I responded to that on a mistake. I thought it was a message directly to me. I’m just noticing this now. I’m going to edit my response.


We are sorry for the delays. Between moving to a larger facility and several orders lost with usps we’re doing our best to satisfy everyone. Thank you for your understanding. Rich