Going price for Remediated mother liquor?

Hi everyone, just wanted to see what the going price for remediated mother liquor is?

It’s testing at:
70% CBD
THC-ND (between 0.05-0.07%)

What do you guys think this would be worth?


Does this stuff crystallize? This has better minors than most regular t-free. Nice extract!

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70% CBD, you should crystallize more out, keep concentrating those minors!

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We’re actually trying that on a small scale now, only problem is it’ll likely not be “T-free” when more CBD is crashed out.


it has not yet, it’s been 4 days.

I bet you can clean that right up again.

We definitely could, but it’s a matter of it being cost effective that’s the question…

If you got a 50% recovery on re-x, would you only be at about .1-.15 d9 in the new mother?

Thats not too bad, still compliant!

Very true, but I worry about how the color would turn out as it’s already an amber color.

I’d be interested in KGs locally @CO_Chromatography , let me know if/when you have any for sale.

We have the ability to produce T-Free mother liquor without any isolate added. We have never had an inquiry for T-free mother liquor though, but I suppose some people may prefer this for custom formulation.