GLG MJBizCon Event 11/16 Tickets

This was buried in another thread so here it is on its own for everyone that’s been asking

If you buy a ticket and come, and decide you want a membership, the price of the ticket will apply to your membership cost

We’ve got a bunch of great sponsors, a fully stocked dab bar, food and drinks, and some awesome equipment on display

Should be a great time!


So if you’re already a member do you pay the ticket price or not? I’m confused.

No, members get in for free and a free plus 1.

He’s saying if you are not a member you can use your admission fee towards a membership.

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OK. So I don’t need to buy a ticket or do anything – I just need to show up. Correct?

You need to register your tickets on the glg website @MagisterChemist

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You need to log into your GLG account and get a ticket. We need to know who’s coming so that we manage attendance properly. Please register for yourself and onboard psychologist. :heart: Looking forward to seeing you both.

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