GLG meet up was fantastic fyi

Just wanted to say how good it was to meet everyone at the GLG MEETUP recently. Big shout out to @future and @onedabbitch for getting everything set up. This was the first meet up I have been too on the east coast that had a nice collective of Hemp and cannabis enthusiasts who have all shared similar hoops and hurdles tryin to operate in this industry as its grown over the past ten years.

Really nice to see the normalization of working in the marijuana industry on the east coast. There is a lot of solid innovation out here and im excited to be a part of it. Im the guy from Ireland with the Blue Lotus & Oud CBD Vapes. Always looking for collaborations and if you have hemp or CBD and are looking to make vape pens you should talk to me.

Excited to get to know everyone in this industry as it grows over the next few years. It was cool to meet some of the people who have shared there teks on here.


Awesome to hear it was a success! I hope to make it to future ones… Thanks for sharing @ProEndo