Glass Flange Type?

Does anyone know what type of flange this is or what type of gasket you would use? It looks similar to a duran flange but flat on the sides.

It does have an o ring groove which leads to me believe it is intended to have a clamp and a cap on it.

I would like to be able to have a cap on it as our current setup is annoying to say the least. (were currently using a large rubber plug with metal flange rings that sandwich the rubber stopper on.)

Pictures are worth a thousand words… so here’s a few.

little bumpity bump for the morning crowd :slight_smile:

Weekly bump, any ideas?

Instagram me. @summitspd send me measurements. I can get it I just need oring and flange sizes.

Conical process joint with several different orings to choose from. Look up QVF beaded glass process joints. Pegasus has them.

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