Glass diffusion pump- I dare you to find another one.

Item: HS Martin Glass Diffusion pump

Location: OR

Price: Make me an offer

Just about as rare a piece of glass as they come… it is fully functional and an absolute beauty. Hit me up


Id rip a fat one out of that. :sweat_smile:


this kind of thing is my bag… baby


You should post this in art from science, it’s gorgeous lol


Does it take oil, or mercury?

Love to see a video of it running


Diffusion pump oil, about $300 worth

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Does the spider cost extra? :sunglasses:


How does this work

Have you used the pump?

Totally does look like a fancy bong though

I have not hooked this one up but it is in immaculate condition- never thought I would stumble across one, only ever seen diagrams in the past.

Diffusion pumps work via entrainment and require a fairly advanced manifold and powerful roughing pump- not a toy for the beginning molecular still designer, I’m having some smaller scale units made in glass soon by a glassblower in eugene and will be bringing this unit down to the Bay Area meetup to show and demonstrate how they work, I just love beautiful scientific glass… unless I get a great offer on this I’ll likely be keeping it in my collection as a centerpiece


Glass diffusion pumps are an off the shelf component, why would you have them made? An ‘advanced manifold’ is not necessary to run them and any ordinary two stage rotary can back them.


I’ve no use for it but holy smokes what a beauty


I’ve seen those in photos of older organic chem labs, cool stuff. Definitely not something I would use in my lab but would make a cool piece for the office

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If you’re able to dial it in, it’s gotta be cheaper rocking one of those with hot & cold reservoirs, compared to a motor powered one.

No diffusion pump uses a motor, they are all basically this design, just bigger or smaller, and use different heat sources.


Oh… Right that makes a ton of sense lol.

Maybe this is cheaper than steel?

This one is not but chem glass sells glass ones for pretty cheap, though you need the round bottom flask heater and a fountain pump for cooling water circulation. Sizing is very small for anything we do though , they would be great for a 2-5 liter short path though

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