Glass Bottles

Reagent glass bottles in stock, GL80, 1000ml, Media bottles.
Thicken glass material with high transparency can withstand corrosion and high temperature.
Body of the bottles have been high-temperature sterlized at 120℃, max temperature of PP cap is 140 ℃.
Scale lines and small white squares on the surface make you clear what time you stored the liquid and how much it is next time.
Specifications: 1000ml, 500ml, 250ml
Warehouse in L.A. / C.A.

Essential Oil Glass Bottles
Specifications: 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 30ml,50ml, 100ml.
Types: Dropper cap/ Spay cap/ Pump cap
Accept customization.



How much for just a PP cap?

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I have no idea about that, Sir. Because we don’t sell a single bottle, much less a PP cap.

Darn it im going to have one cold PP this winter :rofl:


Concentrate glass bottles
Shape: Round & Square
Size: 9ml/5ml
Describe: Concentrate glass bottles has a exquisite appearance and mini body to be carried conveniently, and it makes the bottles more durable and wear-resisting used the thicked material. There is a round sponge gasket with pearlized film in each cap to give a well-sealed function. You can store thick liquid and cream in them. A fluted base can increase the friction between the bottle and table.



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So, do you know what’s his meaning of “one cold PP”?

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Think of it as a coozie for a lil smokey


All right. Thank u. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


See U again.

Reagent bottles in warehouse. If you need 1L WIDE/SMALL-mouth reagent glass bottles, here they are. Other sizes are available.

Media Bottles are on the way. Reserve or Wait. We all hate wait, so go ahead and reserve you need.

What is your MOQ on gl80 1L bottles?

Our common unit of bottles is one pallet of 560 pcs, pallets are packed for easy pick-up.
How many bottles do you need? We can also sell by the cases, 20pcs per case.

Bottles, bottles, bottles~ We have all you want to purchase~
Good price, order please~

How much for a case of 20?
How much for a pallet of 560?

Sent you the massage, please check it.