GL45 to 24/40 bottle cap adapters?


Anyone make a reasonably priced GL45 to glass joint adapter? The ones I’m seeing online are 100+ dollars for a freaking plastic bottle cap.



I could make you a ptfe one in that size for that price. I wont be back to work till the 1st though.


Honestly if I can’t find any cheap ones I would rather send money to you then buy this one online.

I’ve been kind of lucky scouring eBay for cheap adapters like this but no luck on this one


Just let me know if you need anything, happy holidays!

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funny I am looking for this and this thread came up on google

find any for the cheap?


What is this for


turns the cap of your media storage bottle into a 24/40 glass connection. I want to use it to vacuum filter with my buchner what goes into the bottle.


I bet @david can get these made

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Watch out for large flat bottom bottles under vac, they tend to implode.

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yup. ive already ruined a pyrex 10L… on to kegs now lol