GIve a small-scale cart filling setup for around 1500 USD

When you say I you mean @qma right? Why the sudden account change? :rofl: whatever man. You were “gauging interest” in June of 2019, no website, no company, no cart farm.

I mean you didn’t even need a specific account for until, 6 months later in 2020.

I’ve been making carts for over a decade because I put cannabis oil in a box mod.

I’ve been a chef since I was 5 because I cooked an egg

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My phone ran out of battery and this isnt worth getting up for

And I was gauging intrest becsuse I thought most people would be like you, but @Killa12345 promised me that my product would kill the game.

Yes, I originally used a glass syringe and pvc tube, but I was assisted by members here in updating my design.


Do you sell this on the site? What is a mondo adapter?

I still have that OG glass syringe in Costa Rica and will post a pic next time i am down there. I might have a video of that original setup i got from Cart Farm.


Cart Farm is laughing all the way to the bank while you’re worried about its inception? These dudes on full down here in Florida buddy, you might want to bark up another tree.


Welcome back @BG305, Its been a minute or few.


Been a while, yes. We should all focus on helping eachother out and supporting our business ventures. I lnstead some choose to waste their precious time worried about how good the next guy’s life is. I’ve personally bought 4 shooters from cart farm and even though ive moved on to dispos i still buy carts from him.

My 2 cents: Life is to short to argue with people on a forum when the sun is shining and there is money to be made.


Since you’re in Europe, do you need the filling machine to be CE certified?

100 a week is still easily done with a cheap syringe, hot water bath, and a beaker, man.
not the sexiest, and I know it can get tedious, but you can knock out 100 carts in an hour or two like this…

(just my two cents!)

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I’ll make a listing eventually


Only if you asked me too, otherwise it’s i wouldn’t.

Nice to hear from you qma