Getting sauce to pass residuals

I have been trying to get sauce to pass for a while now. My states laws are strict (10 ppm), but I can’t even get close to that. Would putting the sauce in a full vac at low heat (70F) suffice to pull out residuals, or would prolonged heat and low vac be a better choice?
Thanks for your time!

usually I purge at full vac 130f for 3 days the last day up to 140f

You don’t lose terps at that heat and vac?

That’s bad advice ^^


terp loss is minimal… This is the minimum purge ive found sufficient to keep my residuals low below 100 ppm Keep in mind I use pentane so I need to reach higher temps than if just using butane


Well that’s why! Haha

Edit: not bad advice, just advice geared towards pentane crystallization


whats a good temp for butane ?

For butane, I purge at 95f…typically.

Edit - if I’m purging the HTE fraction, I do not go 95f, I go 80f.

Pentane is a different beast entirely. I am actually working on my first jar of pentane sauce…using some shatter that was from quality material but undesirable as shatter.

I’ve got it crashed and reduced to a terp sauce. It was purged with the butane jars, then got another 2 days in the vac oven under -28. My temp was only 110. I have set the jar off to the side, so I can research more on pentane purging, and to see if it sits at room temp(room is 80f) for a few days, when I pop the top, can I get a whiff of pentane.