Getting out the green

Here is a great shot. The terps have already been removed via liquid to liquid extraction. Starting compound was dark brown. Compound was boiled in isopropyl alcohol and water after the LLE to remove terps then cool to room temp. Waxes were removed over alumina. Mixture was transfered into a cryogenic bath held at -85C for several hours. Then another alumina column was prepared and packed under vacuum using 70/30 iso to water rubbing alcohol.

At that point the cryogenically cooled terpene free mix is pulled through the alumina column removing the last traces of wax and most of the chlorophyll. This will go into a first pass distillation with no substantial terpenes or chlorophyll without ever having had the compound itself or those items boiled together during a distillation or scrubbed with carbon. It produces a super clean first run med.