Getting my process running right.

Hey guys,
So some background, I’m a analytical / biochemist by training. Start of the year I took over an extraction facility. I was a total newb for hemp CBD. So I’ve spent almost the last year learing, posting on here (this site is the best resource ever) . After reading through I have a decent production flow going but I’m sure I have gaps somewhere. So below is my production flow and I’d love you alls advice as to where / how to upgrade and anything I might be missing.

  1. Is extraction with 2 delta CUP-15 units with -40C EtOH (I run these pretty much non-stop over 2 10-hour shifts)
  2. Filter with Delta’s provided lenticular filtration units (at -40c again)
  3. Evap on one of the Ecodyst X7 evaporators (two 72L and one 100L units)
  4. Short path distillation ( Lab Society Setup)
  5. Some oil is kept here as Broad Spectrum Distallate
  6. Rest is put through THC remdiation on a Biotage Isolera LS unit
  7. Evap again on one of my X7 units

So I think I have a decent work flow here. What should I be doing between steps? I’m checking pH but I’m not sure on large scale pH fixing. Its just collecting data right now.

I also have set-up my in house analytics (thats what I was actually hired on intially to do but thats my wheel house I’m pretty confident there). Pair of HPLC-DADs and a GC-MS (single quad) and a GC-IR

Should I be doing any other filtering? How would you work in pH adjustment (if needed) at this scale etc?

Thanks in advance guys


Sounds like you’re ahead of many in this game, and are approaching it in the correct manner!


Hi Jphealy, we are a filter company and I see your using lenticular filters. If you want an alternative source, we keep stock. Also, should you be filtering more? I would need to know few marabout your process and then could make a recommendation if needed. We would love to help! Thanks, Greg


How much biomass can u run through a day

Why do you think you need ph ajustment ?
Seems you have it on order
Unless your end products are sub par
And need some fixing ??

im too using a Lenticular filter from Delta but don’t like it. would love sum ideas

Hey Rouge,
I’m getting a weird color change after running distillate through my flash column. It looks like an isomerization or degradation. I’m in the process of analyzing now but preliminary results look like I’m going slightly acidic. I’m not sure what an allowable pH range is for CBD but I’m going ahead and looking at good ways to adjust pH on mass in case I need to do

Hey man, I don’t really like to give out exact numbers but I’m getting a good bit through each day running 2 CUP 15s. Your in NC as well? Do you have any biomass you need to move or have extracted?

Does it go green ??
Someone else had such an isseu some time back
I think that a run treu some magsil should solve it for it is base on irt s own
And remediates color like no other

That was me lol. What exactly do you mean by running magsil? I’ve seen that a few times on here and I know its probably a dumb question but I don’t know what you mean.

Or at least I posted about that issue last week

Magsil is activated magnesium silicate
It s expensive but works wonders
A little go s a long way Unless it is waterclear you are after
It can be reactivated and used several times althou i have never done that
The granular size that works well is the 60 /100 other sizes clog pretty fast

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Great thank you man. You wouldn’t happen to know of a good SOP/ protocol floating around. If not I"ll google-fu one

Yes we have 5000p k extra lbs 15%+. 33$. We extract about 4000 a month we only run 1once every 2 weeks

The brand i use is florisil pr 100
Just make a cake in buchner funnel
1/4" thick and check if that s enough
4:1 on solvent and pentane works best or heptane

Does the lenticular block too easily or is it not clarifying at the desired level? Do you know micron and filtration media? What is you line pressure and deltaP over the filter?