Getting Delta CUP 2.0, what type of solvent recovery would you recommend?

As the title says. Assuming 3 runs per batch, 15 gal ethanol/hour, what sort of solvent recovery do you guys recommend?


Yes we are planning on using ethanol. I’m asking what sort of ethanol Recovery system to people use/recommend.
Thank you!

We have been looking and after much research it seems Bizzybees FFE rocks it. Does 100L/h.
Pricey but fast.

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What are the main reasons it won out over Trusteel and Pinnacle in your opinion? Thanks!

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Well simply put the trusteel 30 costs $250,000
Bizzybee is just $130000

Trusteel will do 120L/h
Bizzybee 100L/h but I’ve seen videos at 100L/37mins

CES sprayvap will do 75L/h at $135 but all glass. I hate glass (side note lost my entire lab in Puerto Rico.) glass hates hurricanes and earthquakes

Pinnacle not that familiar with.


It all depends on how often you are running the Delta CUP. If your planning on running it 40 hours a week or a total of 600 gal of ethanol your certainly going to want to get a falling film recovery system like the Sprayvap, Trusteel, and Pinacle. Check out this thread for pricing/recovery discussion (link: Pinnacle Stainless A.E.S.)

If your not running the Delta CUP a lot or are on a budget less than $100k+ I would recommend the classic rotovap. If you preheat the ethanol solution as discussed in “Optimizing your Rotovap” (link: Optimizing your RotoVap) you can achieve recovery rates faster than the manufacturer advertises.


I helped design and build the bzb FFE. If you have any questions feel free to ask :slight_smile:


Only question I have is where I can find an FFE that isn’t insanely expensive< We might just switch to CO2 for the second season because everything required for Alcohol (to do it right) is about the same price as doing CO2 for the same daily output.

We are looking to purchase a FFE. Bzb looks amazing but little data or specs or website.

@GuerrillaConsulting problem w co2 is you still need to winterize with ethanol and still need to recover and filter it

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Rising/Falling film evaporators are generally so expensive because of the heating and cooling required. We sell the steel and then offer different heating and cooling packages. This allows the users to upgrade later down the road and continue using the same steel configuration with different heaters and chillers. Some clients have boilers they can use for steam while others might have infinite 5c well water on tap for cooling. It can vary a lot.


What do you have that we can use to solvent recover

We have units for our 50L rotovap, would those work?

BZB FFE. I helped design and build them :slight_smile:

Do you have bzb FFE instock? They are 10-12 weeks out.

They are still around 10-12 weeks out. I sent out 3 this week and we are just catching up as fast as we can. :):smiley:

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Would you have a link to the Bizzybee website? I’m having a difficult time locating it. Thanks!

We are just finishing getting our website functional. Here is our IG link in the meantime:

They are on instagram bizzybee999