Getting decent sized diamonds from pyrex tech

I remember reading some threads about diamond mining with pyrex. I know a lot of people, including me, were doubtful it could be done. I have benefited a lot from this site and would love to contribute back anything I can. So… here is my contribution.

Yes, it can definitely be done. I have no idea how I am doing it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. This batch was winterized in ethoh and reduced to a viscous liquid in the roto. Then I slurped n-pentane into the roto flask, let it dissolve, and poured into the pyrex. Stuck it in the vac oven at 37C and ambient pressure. I am thinking maybe the slight amount of ethoh left slowed evaporation? I honestly dunno. But it’s working. This crystal is just from the side of the pyrex after 4 days.



6 days


This was a few years back. Straight out of the loop. No pentane, no seeding. just patience, cold tane and some quality dry b-buds.



Very nice.


Did you use n-butane? Everything at my work is iso-tane or prop/but mix. Does the n-butane stay liquid a lot longer at atm pressure?

What happened to this thread?!? :pensive:

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Slow your evaporation and run fresh material. that will up your chances significantly.

Oh also make sure you do not have contaminated gas that causes a fast crash.


N-tane and slow crash, I usually covered my trays in parafilm or sometimes just the shitty lids that come with them. Stored in a controlled temp environment. :spoon:

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I cover mine with ptfe cut to fit pyrex pan size


This seems a tough one in the current market

I’m trying to convince my boss it even exists, let alone having any solutions for him about the issue I’m trying to establish exists.


Why are you having a hard time convincing him it exists?

lol i’m not assertive enough.

He’s got Inexperience with butane/it’s a new lab/new job. He’s plenty of experience on the distillation and CBD side, so he’s not entirely a slouch. (He fills in all the bullshit I could never handle in a lab like this)

I’m going to show him that recent post from It’s Not Isobutane?! He’s got a better chemistry background than I, so I’m hoping seeing @Photon_noir’s take on the issue will put him down the rabbit hole, even if we personally can’t rectify it yet

If you’d only worked with butane for the first time this year… you’d have no idea this isn’t a normal state of affairs. Especially if your flavor of the issue is the fast crash, not so much the “medusa”.

This job is a good position for what it is, i’ll say that.


Lol you sure talk your talk on here…


I’ve been told that using well established seed crystals is key. The polymorph of the seed crystal is another important factor to get those large chunks of diamond.

Grow your seeds in acetone is what I was told.


Etoh will extract thca all day it just has to be perfect to crystallize it.

The reason ur pyrex pan tek works so well is the addition of pentane without a doubt. It’ll make major difference everything if extracted and reduced right

Done in butane it’s much harder bc the butane wants to gas off at 32d and the pentane something like 92f

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I’ve been told Elliot is nothing but a kind and compassionate individual in person, ya know, but you throw a keyboard into the mix, and everyone’s a warrior.