Getting decent sized diamonds from pyrex tech

I remember reading some threads about diamond mining with pyrex. I know a lot of people, including me, were doubtful it could be done. I have benefited a lot from this site and would love to contribute back anything I can. So… here is my contribution.

Yes, it can definitely be done. I have no idea how I am doing it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. This batch was winterized in ethoh and reduced to a viscous liquid in the roto. Then I slurped n-pentane into the roto flask, let it dissolve, and poured into the pyrex. Stuck it in the vac oven at 37C and ambient pressure. I am thinking maybe the slight amount of ethoh left slowed evaporation? I honestly dunno. But it’s working. This crystal is just from the side of the pyrex after 4 days.



6 days

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This was a few years back. Straight out of the loop. No pentane, no seeding. just patience, cold tane and some quality dry b-buds.



Very nice.


Did you use n-butane? Everything at my work is iso-tane or prop/but mix. Does the n-butane stay liquid a lot longer at atm pressure?