Getting Creative with Distillation

Anybody here ever thrown a distillation head on a reactor and used it as a short path? Whats the largest vessel you’ve ever distilled cannabinoids in? Any hard data on isomerisation in relation to residence time?

I have a large Julabo that’ll get me up to 250 c and thought who needs a heating mantle when you can just circulate a hot oil bath with more constant temps/less hot spotting…

Any thoughts?

Thanks for the time

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The heat transfer fluid for that is gonna be pricy. There aren’t a lot of fluids that will tolerate that.

Indeed, $900 per gallon… I happen to have some on hand though… I already spoke with julabo and the a80 I’ve got will handle the task, now it’s off to blazing a trail.

I like the approach. I haven’t gotten there with cannabinoids, but with ethanol, once I built my first column and condenser, everything looked like recovery still…

The problem I see with scaling the boiling flask is residence time in the reactor. WFE allows you to feed from a huge reservoir without requiring that reservoir be at 150C.

If you have minor isomerization issues with a 10l boiling flask, then going to a 100l boiling flask seems like it will make that problem worse.

why not try it? worst that can happen is you turn $500k worth of distillate into mystery peak…

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Our mineral oil based heat transfer fluid can reach 315C and is pretty affordable ($550 for 55gallons).


Having a dual paddle mixer would be pretty clutch for agitation though…

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Is this in an open or closed bath? Can you pm me a product description?

Because it is mineral oil based it does not create VOC or vapors under the 315c max, so open or closed is fine.


Send me a link, Id like to try it out.

We can set up a profile for you and shoot you a product listing.

The isomer issue is my main concern as well, although in my experience it has been a marginal issue. By that i mean that not the entirety of product is affected, and as a relatively quick first pass solution i think it might be a reasonable solution in conjunction with a wiped film. Degas and first pass in the monster spd and take that fat body cut and run it through the wiped film for greater resolution.

Depends on the reactor I guess. Most of the ones I am thinking of would not be able to get a good enough vacuum seal to distill cannabinoids with.

Defiantly possible, so see rotovaps being employed for lowers removal before wfe.

Carbon Chemistry offers a very attractive GoodLifeGang discount btw :call_me_hand:t3:


The first 10-20L would be great, the last 80 would be harder and harder to get up and over I’d think

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@Shadownaught is this mineral heat transfer liquid on par with dynalene 600? Can it be used instead for the hot condenser? How much per gallon or 5 gallon container?

Our HTF would be directly comparable to Dynalene 600, yes. We specifically sourced it for use in WFE still bodies and reactor jackets. We only have 55 gallon drums at the moment (should be getting 5 gals before long) and the one-off rate is $550/barrel.

Hmmm, i don’t need 55 gal, but at this point that’s actually cheaper than what I’d pay for the dynalene. How often would you change out the liquid to keep the system in its best condition? And when would the 5 gals come in? At this point it’s more about not needing a full barrel.

I don’t know the operational parameters for changing out fluid but I assume it depends on how cold you get it (solid precipitation) or how close to max temp its normally used at (thermal breakdown).

We will probably bring in some 5 gallon units by the end of July if not sooner. @Renchi


Would be running it between -20c/175c, either or. I’ve used the dynalene for my chiller without having to change it since feb.

It’s too bad you guys can’t crack one of those barrels and individually sell the 5 gals right now. You’d prob have some customers from here. :smile: