Generic Clear Cut Stabilizer

Hello F420,

This is my first post and I am very curious about the product by Mr. Extractor called the Clear Cut Stabilizer. According to Drew, this product has been used for years in the cartridge market. Yes, we know. It's not PG, VG, PEGxxx, or MCT. I am not interested in any of those other products anyway, and would like to ask if everyone could refrain from those recommendations. I don't want to use them and have no interest in them. I'm also aware of thickeners, dilutents, and every other emulsifier on the market.

     What I am looking for, is what exactly is this stuff. It can be some patented product that is proprietary. There's always a generic form of this sort of stuff and I wanna find out what it is. Has anyone tried to get this tested or better yet try figuring out exactly what it is? I haven't found this topic on here after an hour of searching this site and others for info.

Thank you for your time.

he claims its organic product… i myself used it for a bit along with many others before moving to Hemp CuTT by Mr Terps. I am with you on figuring it out. I believe its a blend of terpenes, Triethyl Citrate, and other extracts.

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I’m going to send this out to get tested, because I’d like to know for myself. It would be really useful, because I’m not gonna spend $2/ml of it

If you are spending $2 per ml on it, why not just cut with real cannabanoids?

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Because it keeps it to the same consistency as distillate. It also acts as an antioxidant, so overtime, it doesn’t go bad as fast.

Antioxidant… sounds like some vitamin type extract …
As for why I use a cut … because I use a strong 93-95% dist and I make a 550mg thc cart.

The terps in your carts accomplish this

So does nitrogen/vac sealing

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And this does as well. I’m just asking if anyone knows what the generic version of this is. I want to stay on topic.

Oh true that, floraplex talked about it weeks ago.

You go sourcing those terps and mixing them though, you will run across a lot of the wrong terpenes, even by the same name.

Seeing that you haven’t taken the effort to find the formula, which is already on this site, I predict you won’t take that care.

Your search continues my friend! Ask floraplex

@FloraplexTerpenes has a thickener diluent based on only terpenes and they’ve listed their ingredients in their thread. They also have an Uber thickener but I haven’t seen those ingredients so who knows what is on that. But it is not terpene based it looks like corn syrup visually

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