Gauging interest on Crystalization Reactors 25-75 kg/3hr

Im in the process of building several hyper-efficient CBD crystallization reactors. The smallest will push 25 kilos in 2-3 hours, and the largest will push 75kg in the same time. Youll still need ancillary solvent purging for now, But these will definitely be the most economical reactors ive seen so far. If youre interested reply to this thread or send me a direct message with your needed throughput rates and buildout timeline.

much obliged


We’re looking for a manufacturer to carry with a well designed solution for this, please feel free to send specifications to

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Hi! I’m shopping for one … need to crush 50-100kg of disty a day. Please contact me I’m in Oregon

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I am very interested.

If I already have the reactor, can you retrofit it as needed? It’s about 200 liters.

Can you explain what is making it hyper-efficient or is that your secret to sell? :slight_smile:

I cant go into it because thats what makes it a universe of difference from any nutsche filter/ reactor/ filter reactor.
@hambread we can but that might make some regulatory issues. We are building these to last until the refineries take over. if it is a SS reactor we can but youd need to sign a release of liability since we cant stand behind anything we dont source or build.

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What’s the price point on these? What ancillary machinery will I also need to provide ?


Cant give you a price point yet. The only ancillary machine youll need is a vacuum oven for your solvent purge.

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Let me know the second you got pricing. Got people with needs similar to this

Yes me too.

Anyone else whos interested, please DM me with your name, email, and a phone number so I can put you on the list. onward

Does it incorporate agitation, baffles and a draft tube? Cold boiling to increase saturation? Does it include forced circulation or heat exchangers? I’m curious but would need way more information than theoretical throughput.

agitation, sure, baffles and daft tube? no. Im very interested in the tube style recirc xtalizers but ive never used any with CBD, And while they will definitely be implemented in refinery plant sized operations, I cant stand behind something that noones used yet. Cold boiling, forced circulation, heat transfer, i mean these are all standard aspects of dynamic xtalization, of coarse they will be implemented, but thats just the process flow that the internal PLC will run through.


can you message me with an update on your reactor design project and also share the technical specs and pricing? Thanks!