gauging how big of a short path system I need

im just wondering how much distillate a 2l system would produce compared to a 5l system.

How many grams of crude oil can you produce

Max load on a 2L system is 1000-1200g of crude or first pass. Max load on a 5L system is 2500-3500g crude/first pass. Your head height, discharge aperature and number of heads will determine distillation speed. Your crude purity/cannabinoid content will determine usable distillate yeild. Id recommend sizing your SPD based on how much crude you anticipate running. Thanks to recent innovations in the SPD feild, we can even pick out the specific condenser/head combos based on what type of crude you are distilling and subsequently the best parameters to run your material for optimal purity. Good luck in your quest :sunglasses: