Game changer? 510 vape cartridges circumvented smoore patent

For those who may care:

Dashmile / DAMY heating technology!!

Dashmile New 510 Cartridge (D001B), equipped with its own Self-developed New DAMY Ceramic Heating Core inside, overcomed some pain points existing on current market, and it was proved to have these following advantages after many kinds of tests …

– At least 1.5 times the vapor of those traditional.
– Much better taste/flavor.
– Atomization is more complete.
– Much closer to the original/pure flavor.
– More compatible with most of varieties of oils from current market.
– No leaking, no clogging.
– Circumvented smoore patent, no lawsuit risk of other patents.

To learn more at:, thanks.


How many cloud units is that? What is the standard puff rating on a traditional cart?


Ive found ~120-150 uses

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How much?


I will take free samples, but I have seen so many carts think they have new tech. Then six months later someone has 10 kilos and terps stuck in carts that don’t hit and are clogged or leak.

Everyone knows ccells are the best, I hate to pay them that much. Send me free samples, I will review and test it.

Looking for honest feedback, hit me up.

The Fatty McCoy!


Hi there, it’s hard to say, you know, cannabis oil is not legal, nor available here, so, we use pg/vg to do the simulation test. And, as i know, most of clients have the oils of their own viscocity or formula, so, usually we suggest the client to test the samples with his/her oil first …

Hi there, directly messaged to you, please check, thanks

Drives just like a ferrari, but as you know roads are outlawed and not available here, so we have never started the car.


seems i have to open up that road for your ferrari :joy:

When i heard the catch 22 that was the canna vape industry, I knew it was my home

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ohh trust me, Smoore and ccell will show you something better soon.

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When something better comes, it will be a good news for the vape industry, we hug everything good for the people and future.

I hope you can also be “Self-developed” in your product design.

Hi, you mean the appearance of it ? Good suggestion, will be passed on to the R&D team for their reference. Thanks.

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