Future THC/CBD seperation liquid/liquid extraction

Hey @Future

A while back you posted a liquid/liquid PH adjusted wash for THC separations from cannabinoids on your IG

Could you post that up in the forum? How has the guess and check gone?

Thanks man!


It works, but the partitioning coefficient isn’t great, so it requires a significant amount of water. Basically necessitates a continuous flow LLE

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Can we get some more information on this future? Just some background on the experiment performed.

@Future would you mind posting the text from the original Instagram post?

I can’t find it in your feed.


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Can I ask what’s the how?

As in, why isn’t the CBDa going into the basified water?

After reading the very bottom I see the pH notation. Crazy.

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Where does that pH and solubility information come from? Trial and error with isolate? According to the European Bioinformatics Institute the pKa of CBD is 9.64 and the pKa of THC has been recorded at 10.6. This would indicate that CBD should be deprotonated at a lower pH than that of THC, and thus should become more water soluble at a lower pH than THC.


I am a little confused by this. Alcohol and heptane are miscible, so what is causing them to separate here?

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Trial and error


Water + ethanol azeotrope prevents the ethanol from mixing with the Heptane


Notice the values are for THC a and CBD a, not CBD and THC. Which is interesting considering I haven’t personally seen any THC-free “FS” extract on the market that has any significant amount of CBDa. Only decarbed CBD.


I see you looking around at this. You should definitely repeat the experiment and let us know the results!