(FUTURE CONTRACTS) Light Dep Cultivation Available (THC)

Hello, i am working with a Light Dep (THC) cultivator in So.Cal
they are in the process of building, they are about 2 months out from finishing their cultivation center.

We are looking for serious Contract buyers, for the future harvest that will be available in the coming months.
If you buy a contract , you are guaranteed to pay the price specified on the Contract, and not the going rate.

This is a great opportunity for serious investors, or people that want to get in the space, with limited risks

Cultivation farm is Legal, licensed and compliant.
Location : So.Cal

Contact me for more information

Wouldnt you better off to get the going rate and not be bound to a pre determined price?

depends on the market, future contracts bind you to a certain price, and weight guarantee.
If the market is high in demand and prices are high, or stock is low, a futures contract guarantees that you will get the exact amount and price that was decided when the contract was sold.

He will do the that in Northern California if interested thanks btimmel@yahoo.com
Growing like crazy in lake county best prices possible legally

Cannabis or Hemp?

THC Cannabis

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Tijuana need a lot of light deep flower