Fungi Consulting available

I’ve been around for a bit. I have streamlined my techniques over 20 years of cultivating and have the ability to get your farm’s bottom dollar down and output for labor input maximized. I provide a method of spawn production and fruiting medium which is not what you’ll find being pushed across forums and Instagram. My system has an output of 20 tubs a day with about 4hrs total work including liberal amounts of time for dabbing. Work less and fruit more is the motto. I offer a wide range of information during my consulting time to include- lab space design, sterile lab procedures, agar and liquid culture, nuggetTEK and grain spawn production, fruiting medium preparation and production, post production cleaning methods, SOPs, commercial cultivar selection, drying, and extraction.
Bartering by reputable farm or BTC/XMR payments only. Travel and accommodations, and $3k first day and $1500 each day after. GLG members get 25% off($2250 first day and $1125 each following day).


Pic from a happy customer showing the pin coverage even on the side of the tub.


Isnt it pretty known that you dont wanna allow light on the sides of your bin as it encourages fruiting where you wouldnt be able to harvest like it shows in this photo?


Not having a liner, definitely makes for messy clean up. Your wasting potential! What are the noodle looking strips? At first I thought they were shrooms, what’s in your substrate?


Looks like straw

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Waste? Meh no concern. Rather lose a few shrooms and use less plastic. So cheap and so many tubs at once. High yield so I’ve never worried about it. Toss em outside after a couple flushes and they come up on their own.

I will say this. If I’m going for growing a batch to make sterile prints from I would preferred to pressure cook any of the spawn media first rather than pH or insulated bucket tek.