Full Spectrum Extract + BHO

Hello all,

Recently i came into some very nice full spec extract. It was sold to me as distillate and is very similar to it, but the lab test the guy sent me said it’s alcohol based. For starters, it’s full spectrum, 70% total cannabinoids and 2% terps. Strain is Mother Licker, i thought it was Mother Liquor at first and assumed it was some kind of special extract, becuase when mixed with high THC BHO it kicks ass.

It LOOKS like distillate, very nice amber / gold color and similar consistency but is VERY runny at room temperature. It smells like paint thinner / turpentine. The lab test says that it is an alochol based extraction, something i have never personally worked with until now.

I have been searching for a cart substitute for a while to make with BHO. As you all know, BHO is far too thick to be mixed with terps to make a vapeable conisistency and all the liquidizers i tried were ass and required too much dilution. But this stuff… This mother licker works GREAT in a cart when mixed with 30% upwards to 50% BHO, with 30-40% being the sweet spot. The full spec extract really mixes well with the wax to create a well rounded, blissful and relaxing body / head high. Before we even talk about potency, this is an an area where people paid $35/40 for full gram carts that were at the most 40% just THC distillate last year, so these carts will already be more potent than what was popular last year with more overall cannabinoids. Now, here’s the issue. The supplier that sold my guy this extract said that they wouldn’t be making any more of it. The lab test states that it’s an alcohol based exctraction, and since it’s below 60% and has other minors in it, it’s staying stable and not crashing out. Here’sthe deal. I want to keep making carts using an extract like this, but i know that CBD disty crashes out and crystallize if it’s above 60% CBD. That’s gonna be a huge issue in the future if carts crystalize after being loaded. My question is, if i continue to do what im doing except with a CBD distillate instead of this full spectrum extract, will my new distillate/bho mixture crash out on me? Current process is putting this Mother Licker, wax, half serving artificial terps ,1 drop per gram (yes a big no no but people out here are accustomed to the candy flavor and prefer it from my samples) plus a magnetic stirrer in a sealed mason jar. Sit on hot plate, let extract and bho mix together and run the magnetic stirrer until it’s evenly mixed (about 15 mins or so). I then add a few more drops of terps and mix again and voila. The extract becomes much more stable at room temp, but still moves a bit.

In a cartridge, it stays in it’s spot and doesnt move and looks nice and clear. I have done tests with every ratio up to 60% and found that 60% bho is really strong, but the wax gets clogged up in the coil and leaves residue on the outside of the airholes and clogs, doesn’t happen when it’s below 50%. I am confident this stuff wont crash out on me, but i cannot say with a higher CBD distillate. Does anyone know what would happen with a mixture of say 80% CBD distillate mixed with ~30-50% BHO? Also wondering if someone could point me in the direction as to specifically what kind of extract the mother’s liquor is? I am thinking a high quality ethanol based extraction but truth be told this is my first real experience with an extract like this so I am not sure and wondering if anyone might be able to identify. It’s also worth noting that i am not using Boof BHO, it is clear slab, probably CRC but seems to be pretty clean in terms of lipids and waxes and decent potency and flavor.

Thoughts on the process or any idea what it is or where to go from here? I have enough carts to get through what i currently have, but am really just curious as to whether or not this could be done with CBD disty the same way it’s done with the Mother Licker.

WELLL after reading around for a minute i’m pretty sure this is Mother Liquor. At the time i bought it, i thought it was Mother Liquor and was some kind of nice extract (which it is, mother liquor + a dab of bho is GOD TIER) . When we looked at the lab test, it said mother licker, so me and the guy thought it was just the strain name of some certain form of extract. Now that we know it’s Mother Liquor, that explains why it’s not crashing out. Anyone else have any further discussion? Thoughts on the current process? Any information as to what mother liquor is besides the residuals of crystalization? Its been making perfect carts so far, people that dont smoke often take a hit or two and get zoot scoot city and are prediciting the half gram cart will last them at least a month. Half gs been lasting me 3 days, which is how longer than a gram boof Dank Vape would last me, my tolerance is pretty high i smoke about a gram of nice wax a day. Seems pretty nice, bit is it too good to be true?!?!? Any feedback is appreciated!!

Bingo. The cannabinoid profile resembles mother liquor for sure.
We’ve had some for over a year now and no crystallization at all.
As long as its purged of residual solvents, it should be perfect for carts!