Full Spectrum CBD to D8 Conversion

Labnoob here, so I had a client ask me to convert some CBD to D8 for him. I can do it, so I agreed. I prepped everything and when my clients CBD arrived it ended up being full spectrum. I had expected isolate or distillate. I, being the noob that I am, ran it like I would have done with one of my isolate runs. I did tell them I had never ran this material. My question is, has anyone ran a full spectrum SOP, and what kind of results did you get?

My client is concerned about the liters still being viscous at room temp. I now feel I made myself look like an ass, I meet with him in a few days to view lab results and explain what happened. :expressionless:

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Wanna buy some d8?

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So you isomerized crude cbd oil ?
And then distilled this oil after the rxn ?
Not good idea and maybe some damage control is needed
What reagent and solvent was used ?

I took full spec CBD and dissolved it in pentane, and catalyzed it with PTSA.

I normally use CBD isolate, or distillate never once before this time have I used full spectrum.

Oef ok that’s like the most aggressive approach
You have isomerized a lot more than only cbd
Terps a few for sure and god knows what else
Once you get your lab results
And hopefully results from starting material you can compare
I would recomend methanol alkane LLE
And ph swing
Then redistill slowly with a tight mains
Not sure if it s worth it thou
And safety wise for the customer discarding the lot is best


Stop using “full spec” it is a meaningless marketing term (see eg: Full Spectrum Distillate 85.9% CBD Total Cannabinoids 96% $200per Full Panel COA Attached!)

If you used crude ethanol extract, say so.

  • Winterized?
  • Temperature it was extracted?
  • Percent target cannabinoid?

Otherwise we are just guessing at where you started.

Yeah, that was dumb.

Far more so than @Fluoxetine-Chan’s “can I isomerize buds”, because they asked first!!, but for exactly the same reasons.

You get off target with only a single input structure.
WTaF did you expect to happen with only 65% correct input?

Chuck it. Apologize. Buy some D8

Props for actually asking. Albeit late.


<⁠(⁠ ̄⁠︶⁠ ̄⁠)⁠↗

Nasty the least