Full spectrum CBD and alcohol, interesting effect.

We were mixing up flavors of full spectrum CBD with MCT for bottling, and we tasted quite a bit of flavors. I would guesstimate we consumed about 230MG of CBD and a total of 15MG of THC. About 30 minutes later we had one(!) beer.

30 minutes later all of us are pretty high, and it lasts for close to 6 hours. I’ve never felt anything like that with CBD (Full spectrum) before, so it seems to be triggered by the alcohol. Has anyone experienced this before, or can explain what happened?

My hypothesis is as follows: CBD inhibits THC. CBD has also shown to inhibit alcohol. When alcohol was ingested, CBD got tied up with alcohol and allowed for the THC to come into full effect.

Anyways, it became an interesting day at work. So, be cautious with alcohol and CBD :slight_smile:

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Although it didn’t require drinking alcohol for me but I did get high formulating CBD full spectrum oil and testing how it tasted with various different flavorings.

I completely forgot that although there is a low content of THC that if you ingest enough of it, you will get high.

The math is still there for a dosage.

I remember thinking to myself…“Why the fuck am I high?”

It also acts like more like an edible rather than smoking it so the high lingers for a lot longer.


Yep, you are right. Tried a more controlled experiment, and even without alcohol you do get the effect. We are switching to much smaller tasting dosages. Fun times.

I smoke morning noon and night. I have tried mainstream CBD products. This forum has let me aquire cbd products that are effective. I never was much of a drinker. Recently I have been trying off the wall beers to twist my buzz around. Mainstream beer is piss at best. So that combo is great. This forum introduced me to CBDA, CBG and terpenes. When I dab CBDA in the morning with my breakfast doob my “high” goes from just up to UP and to the LEFT. Its another level of being good. I ran out of my good CBDA dabs yesterday and I can say smoking my doob and drinking this random brand beer is boring. THC gets you high, No big deal because thats some high school shit. CBD, CBDA, CBG and CBN makes your rego high turn into a picasso inspired enviroment. That might be a bit overkill but for real, If you focus on THC you will get bored. I am on a quest to find the cannabinoid ratio of youth. Its out there, The new Buddha is the right ratio of cannabinoids.

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