Full extract cannabis oil(FECO)/ Rick Simpson Oil RSO for cancer therapy

Recently, a friend of mine has learned that he has lung cancer, he has requested me to make him full extract cannabis oil(FECO)/Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) to start cannabinoid therapy to help battle the cancer. He is in the beginning stages of the whole cancer process, he has only learned of his condition within the last few weeks. Therefore, many tests and a regiment is a ways out. As of now, he has been diagnosed with stage 4 non small cell lung cancer with a growth on his traquea.

I’m reasonably familiar with FECO/RSO, but I figured I’d come here for further information and for any testimonials anyone has.

I plan on doing an ethanol extraction of dried flower that he has access to. I am going to allow a few days of soaking in room temperature then filter out the solid biomass without any additional refining. I then will evaporate the ethanol off to have a more concentrated solution.

I’m curious, do I decarb to activate the thc or do I leave it in its current form? Decarbing would reduce the amount of compounds in the solution so I am under the impression that it is not beneficial and takes away from the full extract.

I also have some CBD isolate, should I add to the mixture?

He is planning on taking a gram a day orally. Hopefully that can help reduce the size of the growth and/or provide some benefit and relief to him.

Any insight and advice is greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your time.

RSO started out as an isopropyl alcohol extraction and with ZERO doubt at all (I was witness to a large operation that made it) this oil was made in a way that left residual isopropyl alcohol in it.

Since then the recipe has changed to include any solvent as the extraction phase. However it is an oft overlooked fact that the RSO folks were happy about started as an extraction which also carried iso into the treatment. Isopropyl alcohol is technically an anesthetic that could in theory be used as such in lieu of the ones we use now for putting people and animals under for surgery. The problems arose in animal testing of the idea and the animals often suffered nerve damage and so forth from it so as an idea it is no longer floated but biologically iso has verry different properties than other solvents used for this.

My point is that it seems possible that at least some of the accolades of the treatment must be from the entourage effects of the whole medicine as produced, iso traces and all, and not just the component from cannabis. I can certainly understand the desire to find a cure or to slow the disease and I myself recently was diagnosed with cancer though for me there is no cure as it has spread beyond that point. I have wondered a long time why nobody else has connected RSOs initial success and great stories of healing with the entire list of ingredients presented originally except for this; isopropyl alcohol was demonized in order to keep folks from drinking it because too much will indeed harm. However a check of the national archives and poison control center put a lethal dose of iso at somehwere around eight full ounces. Much less likely for severe harm but my point is that at trace levels as was the case in the original RSO formula it seems unlikely that iso played no roll other than contamination.

I do not care much for hype that reports this drug as a cure for cancer. I do think the drug lowers blood pressure and relaxes things and I do think the drug slows the reproductive cycle of cancer cells (like chemo) but do not think it is a cure by itself. I am certain that many, many folks ingested traditional RSO and experienced great results but I am equally certain the original recipe is generally no longer followed and traces of iso are generally now hard to find because it is illegal to have residual solvents and retail the stuff. This may have been the end of RSO as a viable treatment to have unwittingly mandated zero iso in the product on the assumtpion that it was simply just another unwanted contaminate which we made “better” by specifying it be gone… The original RSO I witnessed being made in great bulk was not decarboxylated either and I see this too as another “improvement” to the original formula that might not be an improvement at all because we do not know for certain why so many folks claimed being cured from this saw the results they did.

Cannabis extract works hands down for nausea from chemotherapy and helps put a good spin on things but be wary of approaching this as a cure because it is now impossible to be certain what exactly is being produced from the plant other than “full spectrum” extract which is perhaps only part of why it received such rave reviews when it first hit the scene. I wish the best for your friend and good luck but perhaps this is food for thought?


Thank you, Beaker.

I have been following you on my other account for quite some time and am always in admiration of your efforts and charisma despite your ailments. You’re a real inspiration and role model.

I, nor my friend, do not believe RSO to be an end all cure but simply an assistant to help alleviate some symptoms of chemotherapy and possibly as an added benefit to help assist its pursuit. From what I recall, naptha was used as the original solvent to extract the RSO? Regardless, I always assumed a significant amount of solvent was left in the consumed product because they didn’t properly remove it. Previously, I had been with an operation which made RSO from already extracted material. The resulting product was very poor quality and full of iso, as they didn’t know much of anything about science. I separated from them years ago for their unwillingness to listen, foul play and a heap of other reasons.

Now, I have the ability to create RSO in a controlled environment from material that is worthy for an individual who is in need. I’m going to try to help however I can. At the very least provide a comforting thought that there is someone else making efforts for him.

Have you tried RSO yourself before? I know you refine it to its purest form and ingest it by vaping it, but maybe you’ve tried it in its unrefined form.

Take care



Sorry to hear this of your friend .
I have been making RSO in ethanol basis for a long time but whenever i am asked to deliver for a cancer patiënt
I try to deliver as Many cannabinoids possible
So i make RSO of material at hand
Wich is most often a haze strain Wich has almost No CBD
I Will then Ad CBD in a 50/50 ratio to the THCa in the RSO oil
i then supply a THC Distillate
I supply a delta 8 Distillate.
i recomend lecitine use for the patiënt
And several other suplements
As for daily dose for a patiënt
I recomend probably an over kill but at least iT should be enough ( i have never sold to patients )
THC a =900mg
THC. = 900mg
CBD. = 900mg
^ 8 = 200 Mg
A day for at least one month
I recomend making an echo picture or scan by patiënt of the area affected before starting and an echo after a month If the affected area is unchanged i leav iT up to the patiënt wether they want to continue
Along the years i have suplyed a lot
And only in 4 cases have miricales happend
And No one knows why they happend !!
Could have been Many reasons
As for the last stages of this dreadfull disease is Where i really recomend cannabinoids that is Where i see i make a diffrence in helping out.


I tried it years ago in caps for a trial with neuropathy but not since. I just started oral CBD gifted to me and I am certain beyond any medical doubt that this has alleviated significant nausea for me. It seems though to be effective about half the day so I am looking to add a second dose later now. My intake of D9 has dropped substantially really since I started chemo but it addresses a whole body feeling of wellness for me. It is also a hair trigger for anxiety and I am no exception. The anxiety is tolerable and it passes quickly and in return I feel just generally better after I use it.

I will stick with the CBD for now since it seems to work for me. I doubt I will do RSO for now. I am on a full regiment of quality of life medications and anti puke meds lolz and between all the stuff I should be fine really.

The RSO I became familiar with now like ten years ago or so was just a long soak of 99% iso in large pails of ground up plant material. The iso was simply boiled off the best they could and thye had no vacuum gear really. Then it went into caps. This is how I came to form the notion that perhaps iso may have been a factor in some of the accolades I heard but only after I read that iso had been tried as a general anesthetic in animals. It might just be a red herring lolz but who knows?

Thanks for the kudos! :sunglasses:


Sorry to hear that man hurts the heart to hear so many people going through this with cancer . I just lost my second dog to cancer . I too search for answers for this disease and from what I’ve read and seen in testimonies my understanding that a combination of diet changes and high thc/cbd ratio could have great results . I’m no doctor or scientist and dont belive in snake oil as much as the next but more and more I hear of and read about high alkaline zero starch/mucus based diets having some results as well. The theory being cancer is acidic and in a high alkaline environment couldnt thrive, combined with cannabinoids which have been said to slow or repress could result in closer step finding some kind of cure or sop to fight cancer .

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Eddie with funxtas nho (natures healing oil) which I belive to be his version of rso is one cannabis company said having results with cancer as well .

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How is the RSO made?

Are you making the CBD and then adding it after? How is that made?

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im sure someone else can help you with the RSO formulation but sadly… @Beaker past a few months ago :frowning:


He stated how he made RSO for 10years


My friend that I’ve been treating with RSO is now in remission.

He was diagnosed stage 4 last year in October and by June he was 100% in remission. I’ve been treating him with RSO (~30g) and distillate (~20g) per month. He went through radiation and chemotherapy as well.

He took a month long vacation traveling the west coast in an RV with his wife in July.

I’m not going to say for certain that this is proof of the powers of cannabis, modern medicine, or a combination of both; but I just wanted to share my story that I would mark as a success.


Glad you were there to help.


Glad your friend is recovering, the healing power of cannabis is really amazing. I’ve found that Decarboxilated Rosin, decarbed at around 200 degrees for a long time works 100x better than any ethanol extract. I think it’s because it has a lot of compounds we don’t test for that are still in it vs an ethanol extract which only extracts a portion of the compounds. I also add other cannabinoids based on what im trying to treat and who it is. Kids usually need higher CBD ratio so they don’t get really fucked up and elderly people respond amazing to high % of CBG. various terps can make a huge difference too


any update on your friend?



He is very much alive and doing well!
He actually just messaged me on Monday, January 4th 2021 with a portion of the results of his last PET scan which shows all metastasized lesions/tumors are gone now and the tumor on his right lung continues to shrink. I’ll put what he sent to me below.

Early on during Covid his doctors found a suspicious growth that they presumed to be the return of his cancer. Covid halted normal operations so he was just left in the dark for several months. I believe he was expecting to begin chemo/radiation once things began to normalize. However, when he went back to get his check up (~6 months after the initial red flag) things were back in remission and on track toward recovery.

He has been maintaining his dosage of RSO and distillate, for the most part. He may have about halved his intake since the initial regiment (from ~1g RSO & ~1g Distillate per day to ~0.5g RSO & ~0.5g Distillate), I will have to verify with him.

Below is the message as he sent it this past Monday; it’ll serve as a testament to his survival and as an update 2.5 years after his initial diagnosis. I’m very grateful to see his name pop up in my unread messages, I’m happy he’s still with us. Coming back to this thread makes me quite somber when I see Beaker’s replies - but I’m very thankful some of his words have been eternalized here.

January 4th 2021.
"Hi K, can I please get a Kare package. Also below is a portion of the results from my last PET scan showing all metastasized lesions/tumors are gone now and the tumor on my right lung continues to shrink. Thank you K, I love you man.
FINDINGS: Overall PET and CT image quality and intermodality registration are

satisfactory. Mediastinal blood pool SUV maximum is 3.12. Hepatic parenchyma

SUV maximum is 3.76.

Head and Neck:

New Lesions: None.

Progressive Lesions: None.

Stable Lesions: None.

Improved Lesions: None.

Other Findings: None.


New Lesions: None.

Progressive Lesions: None.

Stable Lesions: None.

Improved Lesions: Redemonstrated fibrotic changes in the medial right

lung which may be slightly improved in size/configuration compared to prior

examination. Previously-described mild hypermetabolic activity has improved

with SUV max now 2.45 (previously 3.51).

Other Findings: None.


New Lesions: None.

Progressive Lesions: None.

Stable Lesions: None.

Improved Lesions: None.

Other Findings: Diverticulosis without convincing evidence of

diverticulitis. Focal FDG uptake within the sigmoid colon related to

diverticulosis has decreased compared to prior examination.


New Lesions: None.

Progressive Lesions: None.

Stable Lesions: None.

Improved Lesions: None.

Other Findings: None.


  1. Improved postradiation changes in the medial aspect right lung.

  2. No evidence of malignancy in the head/neck, thorax, abdomen, pelvis, or

osseous structures.

  1. Persistent focal FDG uptake within the sigmoid colon has improved compared
    to prior examination and is likely related to diverticulosis as before."

Be Safe and Be Well,


Hell yea! That’s awesome man I’ve never heard of someone doing half dist half rso but I’m glad it worked and I’m glad your friend is still in remission. I might be relatively new to the forum and i never talked with beaker but I’ve learned a lot from his posts here, he was on another level for sure

I know 5 people now that it worked with too. It’s so fucked up that the feds and big pharma keep this illegal. They know damn well cannabis does this but they only care about the money they make off chemo and their thousands of pills that barely work


Happy to hear of your friend’s improvement @ExcaliburExtracts! Good news for sure. :slight_smile:

We’ve just recently learned that my great uncle has lung cancer, and I’m hoping to talk him in to trying some cannabinoids. Stories like yours will help greatly in persuading him. Thanks for the update.


Hey @TheFire210
I love all the experience you being as in helping people with your specialized rso. It seems to have more interest lately. Your wealth of knowledge in this area is appreciated. would like to hear more of the what’s and how’s of your adventures…
i would be curious of how you have the cb* separated out for adding to your rso rosin mix. Cbn, cbg, thc A/V, what else can be added? Curious… what else do you use? Using for Pain, full body internal injury, and neuro shit but no cancer.
I just found rso about a month ago for health reasons. My tolerance is like those kids who consume 5-6 grams at a time and function… sucks when you miss a grow. ITs expensive at a 20$ gram each. Limits what I can do.

But my interests are cbn specifically for relaxation and sleep. Maybe cbn?
Slowing down, calm and sleep most of the nights are my end goal. Most rso is just not strong enough. Interested in how your rosin rso is made and could you speak to strength compared to 190 alcohol extracts? My grows consist made sun grown haze varieties and a canary like cure. I make lots of great hash from the cured hazes too. Could I make rosin hash for your rso and add to? Thanks

Thanks man i wish more people focused on this side of the industry then we could give big pharma the middle finger as a nation… some day…

I usually add like 10% 1st pass cbg and 10% fist pass cbd, I’ve been told bg a few people that take my rso that 1st pass helps more than isolate. I also add live resin terps after i decarb the rso. Recently ive been formulating mixes of other plants from Ayurvedic medicine and other medicinal plants from around the planet and they help almost as much as rso tbh

The decarbed rosin was definitely the best medicine imo but it’s so expensive to make… as long as you do an etoh extraction on the pucks after you press them you don’t lose much tho. You can also sift trim then press that

What specifically are you trying to treat? @Bandit0

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I think that the Acid form of cannabinoid have a more impact on healing and the descorboxylated form help for syntomns and feeling better that this is part of the healing to
So a mix of thca/cbda and thc/cbd is much more efficient in my opinion.