Full Ceramic carts & plastic carts, which will be the future?

Our company is striving to offer customer healthier cartridges products.
Right now we have two kinds of cartridges launched and they are all consider lower heavy metals than other common cartridges on the market.
1. Full ceramic carts: we have already sold a lot for the full ceramic carts for people likes their colors to match with theri flavor and brand.
2. Full PCTG plastic carts: it is the updated version of G5 carts but with no metal parts, made by full PCTG plstic material.

Which carts do you prefer? Which ond do you think will be the future?

I is concern for our factories. With the bad news for vaping in USA, though it is not the fault of the device that make people ill, the government will definetely set up stricter standard for vaping device soon.

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Pictures below for your reference:

Try no heavy metals for starters.


Hello candy! The market demands stainless steel and glass. You can do either or. Also the market demands fluoropolymer seals. Thank you!

Our customer tested the ceramic carts and can pass heavy metal testing. The Plactic PCTG one is still waiting for testing.

Most of the carts are glass, The full ceramic carts are glass tube. But the G5 carts which sells quite a lot during pas year are made of plastic though. G5 has press drip tip, once oil have been filled, the cart will be locked.


Hey candy, we will start ignoring you guys if you guys TELL what we want after you ASK what we want.

Just because you make good margin on ptcg does not mean it is safe. Thank you


Plastic and Terps = no no


Can’t trust this stuff either- I implore anyone buying cheap carts from China to get their carts tested for heavy metals not right when they fill but two months post fill. These factories use cheap material to cover their shitty center posts which eventually leads to heavy metals leeching into carts.


I am very sorry to hear that. Yes, if we use metal, it is hard for the factory to identify whether the material they source from supplier is the same with the samples. That is why I 'd like to recommend our customers to have a test for the ceramic carts, no metal inside. I can send you some mass production samples to have test. My email is hyd-china@outlook.com

Therein lies the problem. When your source of supply is questionable, your whole business is a house of cards.


Actually no matter big or small factory, supplier is the same. That is why I recommend to use ceramic carts, they are different and 100% pass heavy metal testing. But for metal, they look the same!

Relevant article:

Colorado Lab Results Point to New Culprit in Vaping Cases: A Specific Chemical Used in Cheap Vape Pens

I’ll be sticking with CCells forever

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Haha, we have CCEL for sale as well. But since after the vape issue in USA happens, people care more about the heavy metal testing now. Too many CCEL on the market, hard to indentify which is better.

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how about cottons

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