Fuck Sasquash, at least Matt in technical support

Never expected to find a company with worse customer service than Harvest Right, but sasquash stepped up to the plate and knocked it right outta the park.

I bought a Sasquash V2 around 5-6 years ago, when it was about the only option and made sense for its ridiculous price tag (around 5-6k for similar model that low temp now sells for 2k). Didn’t use it until about a year ago, and just got about a year of work out of it before it broke. The plates got misaligned over time, and caused them to warp a bit and not press efficiently.

I contacted their tech support and got in touch with Matt, who seemed helpful at first, texting within 30 minutes for the whole first day. I paid for some new plates that he sent out same day, and I assumed I’d be back to work before long. Plates arrive on Wednesday, and the horror show begins.

Man sent a plate with 6 in. Spacing instead of the 6 1/2 in. Spacing I need for it to fit onto the press. This alone could be taken as an honest mistake, so I reached out and asked if I could send back this plate for the correct one. I sent it back, priority mail the same day (friday 11/17) then got ghosted on responses for 10 fucking days (Matt replied on 11/27) . This unprofessional fuck even went as far as temporarily disabling the whole technical support line for the week. I know this, because I tried the sales line, he quickly hung up and texted me “sorry, I’m in a meeting right now”.

Monday, 11/27 this fucker texts back with the “was sick as a dog all last week” excuse, and says he’ll send my plate that day. I get the shipping confirmation the next day (oh well, excited to get back to work however possible) and then yesterday this arrives.

Man really sent the wrong piece after all this wait and fuckery. Never asked for this piece, nor do I need it. Have yet to get a reply on his phone number, or their instagram since yesterday. Matt seems to be the only person in their entire tech support line, so I’m seriously hoping that someone else will reply on IG and tell me that Matt is an unprofessional wook that is about to get fired.

Oh well, thanks for the place to vent. I’m buying a LowTemp Industries press tomorrow either way. Fuck Sasquash, I hope none of you ever buy one or have to deal with this nonsense. Fuck you Matt, if you ever read this as well.


Sorry to hear this about them i’ve only had a positive experience with them. I will be following to see if this gets resolved wishing you the best of luck.


Thank you. In the past, the same guy was actually helpful when my relay switch broke and he sent one out right away at no charge. Hopefully he’s just having the annual California coke/black tar binge that half the damn weed market does after harvest season. That would be the only acceptable excuse for this level of nonsense.


Nice. Matt just replied to tell me they sent my plate to someone else, and their order to me, and are going to have to retrieve my plate from that customer to send to me. So another 2 weeks out of work.
I’m buying a lowtemp tomorrow, anyone got any good retailer recs or just go straight to their website?

I’m surprised they even tried to offer support for a product this old. Especially a Rosin Press.
Sucks that Customer Support Fell off and you got sent the wrong item twice.

Lifetime warranty, you’d hope they’d help with a 5 year old model. Maybe they were expecting bho makers average lifetime

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I have a buddy who’s really close friends with them. I’m surprised more so that Matt didn’t provide better services, He’s usually on top of things. Hopefully they can get you squared away sooner than that. If not then dm I got a thing for low temp for you

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Sick, thanks! Yeah Matt has apologized by now, but that really doesn’t help with a month of lost wages/credibility with all the farmers that had faith to wash contracts through me.

Definitely just going with another brand. Man just seems to be unorganized, but that’s no excuse for sabotaging someone’s harvest season. Especially when he seems to be their entire technical support line.

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Sorry. All this sasquatch talk got targeted ads sending me funny memes.

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Low temppppppppppp


Ya know I’ve always had a difficult time getting prompt or quality customer service from any company with an exhibit at BizCon during the 8-10 weeks leading up to the convention. Maybe he’s just bad at announcing his preoccupation with convention preparation…hopefully that’s it


Ahh I love seeing people being optimistic on this site for once, but sasquash didn’t even have an exhibit at MjBizCon :smiling_face_with_tear:


Wow, Matt at low temp industries was amazingly helpful, and hooked it up for being a member of this forum. Appreciate all you more than I can say for the constant help, was about ready to give up faith in the cannabis equipment industry.


Matt takeover

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Bizarro Matt comin in for the save