FS: Capna Ethos-4 Ethanol Extraction System


Up for sale is our Capna Ethos-4 closed loop ethanol extraction system. In great working condition, used intermittently for 10 months with no problems and routine maintenance. Steel reservoir, vacuum pump, manifold, and everything is included for a plug-n-play system. Capna claims 10 lbs/hour throughput, we typically did 80-120 lbs in a 10-hour shift with one operator. It could be run much faster, but we would always wait for the temperature to reach -60 C before starting extraction. Will include original documentation and many spare parts and gaskets. System is fully functional, will do a deep-clean and inspection before sale. Located in central California, will deliver within state for a small fee. Asking $70k OBO.



What’s the power consumption of this thing?



Sorry for the slow response. Power requirements for the Capna extraction system is 12A of 208-230V power, and the vacuum pump takes 14.6A of 110V. You should have no trouble getting electrical set up if you have a 220V connection. Let me know if you have any more questions.



heads up, I think Capna is offloading a brand new ethos 4 for something like $50k. Not that I’m looking to purchase, but I think 70k might be a little too hopeful if you’re trying to price to sell quickly.



We have one of these now, interested in purchasing yours, still available? Cost? Location?



We are closer to the 50k mark to be honest, we paid 65k for our first one new directly through CAPNA.

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That is fair, I was told we purchased it for $80k, but $50k is certainly a reasonable offer for a used unit. I told the owner about your offer, it sounded appealing to him but we are right in the middle of a county application process and they want to see the unit in our lab for our next upcoming inspection, so we will wait to sell until that point. Shouldn’t be longer than a week or two, they were supposed to come yesterday but rescheduled. Where are you located by the way?




PM me very interested



I’m interested!!! PM me if still available