Fresh Terpenes available

Hi all,
We are manufacturing all plant terpenes daily and have them available in multiple popular “flavors”. You can see more on on Terpene page of our website or go to our website at

We also have HTFSE (High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract) available which we also are producing fresh batches daily. Many of our current customers prefer this to mix into vape pens as it still has some cannabinoids in the extract.

Please either DM for more information or email us at
Thank you!

Item Model/Manufacturer: Pure Biologix
Description: Fresh CDT terpenes
Current location of item: Plymouth, Michigan
Estimated lead time: In stock, fresh being produced daily
Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller


I’m really enjoying the Super Lemon Haze. It’s got a cannabis funk and a nice delicious lemon taste that is evenly balanced. Not too funky, not too lemony. I’ll def try pushing this past 5% to see how far it can go (yum!)

This was not like previous Blue Dreams i’ve purchased that were very cologne/fake to my palette. Its got a mild herbal taste & smell that isn’t overbearing.

These are c02 extracted and you can tell, no grass/wet taste. And at a good price. Not much more someone like me can ask for.

Sampled these in the banger and in both @QBD420 glass & metal carts @ 5% terps. Thank you very much Rick as terpenes are what brought me to this site in the first place… I look forward to purchasing your other terps!


Hey there do you have more info on your HTFSE? Price and COA specifically.

Do you offer samples?

Sure, we can send some samples. Let me know their intended use, or particular strains so I can select some samples to send. I will also need your contact information so I can get some sent out. You can see the available strains at this web page: Pure Terpenes Archives - Pure Biologix CBD

You can also email me directly with your information at


These were all mixed at 10% HTE & consumed in a banger.

Lemon Jack Off HTE – Nice Citrus flavor. Has that cannabinoid flavor but it isn’t overpowering or unpleasant. I’m also picking up on a very light perfume flavor. It’s so faint that I double checked a few times to make sure.

Pineapple Express HTE – Had a light sweet flavor at first and ended with a nice pineapple taste. It tasted like the flavor was captured from a pineapple at room temp. The light smell from the jar deceptively made think the flavor was going to be light, but that was not the case.

Orange Crush HTE – For me it gave off a floral kind of flavor that wasn’t too strong. Slightly irritating to the nose.

Cherry Pie HTE – Florally flavor at first and then rather than it turning into cherry, I get a melon flavor. A ripe Cantaloupe to be specific. Mild irritation to the nose. If there wasn’t as much irritation this would probably be my favorite of this group.

I really appreciate you letting me try these. The CDTS and the HTE were great quality.

I appreciate your comments. Cherry Pie and the Lemon Jack Off seem to be gaining in popularity. We have had different people mix from 7% to up to 20% depending upon what the have wanted in their recipes. It was good to get your feedback on your recipes!

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Could we see a COA and Price for the HTE?

Are these botanical blends or strictly HDT/CDT? Confused by “all plant” terminology

Hi, these are all HDT/CDT.
Thank you

This is the best name in the biz rn…


It’s become a popular product…hopefully not just for the name, but who ever really knows.

gonna give ya’ll a message