Fresh frozen thawed a little, still good?

My freezers lost power for about 12 hours. Thermostat said 25-35 for high. Threw them in a working freezer. Is the product still good? There’s some frost on the outer layer now.

I had something like this happen to me before and the product I made from the material ended up smelling kind of grassy.

It was properly sealed right?

Smell was the only problem? No loss in yield or quality?

No, no loss of yield at all. Color quality remained almost the same, no more chlorophyll was extracted after the tragedy. Just a kind of funky smell, mine was not sealed properly.

It’s OP. They blocked the other account from posting for 24 hours because it’s still new.

It was in goose style oven bags. Tied with a knot at the top. There’s some frost on the outside layer of the bags, but the inside buds still look great. Does the water from the frost fuck up the process?

Well it depends on what your going to do with it. I used butane but didnt have any problems flooding and soaking the material. If you were gonna pack it into a tube and just rinse butane over it, you will probably have some spots where solvent doesnt reach.

It may taste a bit green and yield slightly lower from ice coverage, but it’s not a total loss.

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