Fresh frozen salvageable?

So I blasted some fresh frozen a few weeks back, luckily pulled out an amazing oil. Knowing that I’m not set up to properly run fresh frozen. Is it possible(without terrible degradation) to break up and cure this flower with climate controlled dehumidification?

It is not possible to dry fresh frozen, I tried it many many years ago… freezing and thawing causes cellular damage and your product will be awful.


Thanks buddy, good looking out. I guess I’ll one dewax column with dry ice at a time till I get through it.

You could make some bubble hash?

I like that. Ballparking, what’s the typical yield of that process? I saw just over 5% on that trial blast I did.

you can blast it all and dewax in bulk
(blast, recover solvent, repeat, then redissolve all in butane and dwell dewax)

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I dont make bubble hash, but the guys next door say they get 10%-20% of the dry weight(different grades). All depending on the starting material i guess.

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