Fresh Frozen Bags - Made in the USA

Hey everyone, I work for @grovebags and we just introduced our new line of bags made for fresh frozen, Dm me for more Info and to get some samples.

Attention Extractors, freeze your product quick-ly and confidently. Fresh Frozen Pouches are made from our instant quick freeze film. Our unbranded Fresh Frozen bags come in two sizes: a 450 gram capacity pouch for small batch runs and a 2,000+ gram capacity com-mercial pouch for larger runs. Both sizes come with a white area in the bottom right of the bag to write on so you can keep track of weight and strains

what makes them special for fresh frozen?

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We help prevent freezer burn, and not damage your tricombs compared to bags on the market.

Shoot me a email, I’ll send you more info,

Seems legit

Shoot me a e-mail. At I’ll mail some samples out for you. Cheers

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I’m interested in the 5 gallon bucket liner. Is that the 450 gram size?

200 for $150 isn’t bad. I’m always surprised by how much paper grocery bags cost me.

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I shot you an email. My cell ia on it if you want to call me.