Fresh Bros out of Las Vegas Vegas, WTF...

Today while looking on raw.marketplace I found a advertisement that stole my picture of my distillate and is falsely representing their product. How bad are you at oil if you’re stealing my pics. WTF I swear I hate this industry. Fricken thieves. At least offer to sell my oil. I’m calling this sob right after this. I struggle enough to sell my shit. Now my ads look bs. I am flattered in a sense but I’m tired of thieves in this industry. Fricken liars.

That’s the original, here’s my Instagram


That’s fucked up! I saw you post that the other day. Beware the fuckery! I have just dealt with a lifetime’s worth myself. We’ve got your back!


I can’t wait until tomorrow, I’m going to request a coa and so will multiple other people I know. Maybe i should pull this down until wefind out who’s coas they are, I imagine they’re using other people’s coas.


Wouldn’t surprise me in the least! I’m sure this can be hidden with little effort. If you want me to hop in on the hunting trip, shoot me a DM…


I’m usually not petty but I like the extractor community. I love people that love science and they help me vide versa this feels like one of our own trolled [] and stole the pic


Snook start water marking your pics. I was looking into this the other day.


This is what I was just told

Thx you’re correct

They started with daddy’s money it’s ok to steal.

They claim they’re Farmer owned. Literally my last name is Farmer. Technically speaking for jokes, they’re stealing that from me too. Jk but I’d they’re such big swinging dicks why not ask to sell my oil and use the pics all day for both of ours. I would gladly let that happen. If they have labs in 3 states how do they not make good oil to take a pic of?


I bet his names not even Joe… and it wasn’t daddy’s money. That story is complete bullshit and the issue with most cbd companies. It sure makes a good story, almost makes me want to have some warm coco and watch Andy Griffith reruns…


Private label experts since 2012… for CBD… ugh that sounds like bullshit


Snook get out of your feelings it just means you are doing really good


Yes but I just want to sell my oil and not see some shit head selling their oil using my pictures. Its not right. They’re a big company. In 6 months I could very easily be out of this industry because I’m honest and make good products then shysters advertise my products as their own, sell the public an inferior product and are still in business. That doesn’t work for me. And if they’re using my pics and people buy oil that doesn’t look like what they thought, I don’t imagine they’ll buy oil from me if my pics look the same. And once you look at their company it’s complete bullshit. But I guess I should be happy I’m not making shit oil anymore and just be flattered whenever my best pictures of my work get hijacked and stolen for their profit. And yes I’m sure I’l calm down but my vapor pen battery fell in water ruining it, so they caught me away a bad time. I need a dab.


No point being stressed. They are lcd. At least they arent loading their oil into your brand of carts. A picture on the internet can’t ruin you. Just contact the parent site and let them know that is your ip and you want it down. Your lawyer can file dmca or whatever.

Next time put a disney character in the frame so you can have disney lawyers do your work for you.


Shyster is anti-semetic

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Considering the Shyster

Many people have come to believe that shyster is an anti-Semitic, but the origins of the word are linked to a Manhattan newspaper editor in 1843–1844. According to an article on, at the time, there was a crusade against legal and political corruption in the city, and the editor derived the term shyster from the German word scheisse , which means “excrement.” There are several reasons for the anti-Semitic confusion including the closeness to Shakespeare’s Shylock, and belief that the term came from the proper name of Scheuster, who some think was a corrupt lawyer. The etymology of the word indicates it was never intended as a racial slur, and that it was applied derogatorily to lawyers in general, and not to any one ethnic group.


Sorry you’re going through this bs, Snook. Got troubles of my own right now - so took your advice and put on Andy Griffith (an Ernest T. Bass episode). Feeling better already.


Really, you couldn’t Google search to see if you were right? You just failed at being a social justice warrior. Suck it


They’re followed by true terpenes :rofl:


First off, I’m anything but a social justice warrior. I’m simply a forum member who’s been here reading for about two years and has on multiple occasions seen the forum react the same way towards homophobic comments, as well as racially biased statements.

I understand the etymology, I also understand the confusion of the anti Semitic history of the word. I also understand when I get in my Buddhist mother’s car she has what most would see as a swastica Hanging from the rear view, and that has nothing to do with nazis or anti semitism. I also know that neo nazis can’t say that the swastica isn’t racist because groups used that symbol before them.

I also understand that regardless of the etymology of the words the term has been, and continues to be used by people to negatively refer to people of judiac faith. So maybe we can try to not offend.

I won’t refer to a person of color with a term that might offend them, regardless of whether I feel like they SHOULD BE offended or not.

Also I think a certiain word used to describe lgbtq people has no etymological relationship with lgbtq people, but is still widely accepted as a derogatory slur towards them. Traced back to the 1600s but not used as an lgbtq slur until the early 1900s.

Snook even if I removed myself and my heritage from my thoughts on this I’m still deeply saddened by the way you responded to that. I agree with your position on this post. You are an active member of this forum and most of your posts are informative and all around great content. I know that your name is attached to posts I can generally learn A great deal from and the fact you felt the need to attack someone for that comment is disappointing.

Let’s keep this forum a place where everyone feels safe, and everyone feels like they can be heard. I prefer my level ups to come with a sense of pride that shouldn’t be impeded by how I feel about myself, or even worse, feeling overwhelmed by how I may think members feel about me based on something I cannot change about myself.

Sorry for derailing the topic, and I genuinely hope that you are able to talk to these guys, and that they have the tegridy to be amicable and address your issue. It’s frustrating, and bs, but qma is right, you are doing something right when people start catfishing with your photos

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