Free True Terpenes Samples


Hey Guys,

I wanted to start out the new year right by offering a free sample pack for anyone in the Good Life Gang that has never tried our products before.

We have a bunch of new profiles that are a big improvement from our previous stuff and would love to show off what we have. We also have some revamped profiles that you may already be familiar with.

Here is what is in the FREE promo pack.

Banana Kush,
OG Kush,
Thin Mint Cookies,
Grapefruit Romulan,
Forbidden Fruit
Super Sour Diesel

To get your free promo pack- I need the following information emailed to me at

Phone Number

Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery of the sample pack!

Thanks Guys,


Is this for real?

listed #3


Yea, email me! I am making orders right now


Can confirm! This is legit :+1:


Sweet E-mail sent.


Give me 5 mins :slight_smile:


Super nice gesture of you :astonished:


My pleasure guys!!

They will go out early to mid next week. We are playing catch up with the holiday orders :slight_smile:


I recieved mine, very nice! Thankyou!


Hey derek I was wondering if the pineapple Express terpenes you sent me a sample of actually contain any ethyl hexanoate in its formulation?


It should not! We have COA’S on the website.

I’ll get it for you in the morning when I’m back in the computer


I think you misinterpret what I meant, ethyl hexanoate is the aromatic chemical that gives pineapple its characteristic smell.


I sure did! Let me check with the lab and get a confirmed answer. I’m still learning every day :slight_smile:


I only ask this because I couldn’t detect any pineapple smell from the pineapple express and I’ve smelled ethyl hexanoate before and it’s a very unique smell something that I would think would be hard to cover up but I’m just mostly smelling the pinene.
Could just be me.
The strawnana smells incredible.


Def. See what ur saying… Just got mine in!

Some smell great… But others smell really close to each other…

I’m curious if the taste come out when applied, like w the pineapple Express

Btw thanks @DerekTTpdx

Can’t wait to mix some up soon and test these out!


Email sent very interested


The taste should come out when applied.


Thanks True Terpenes! My sample pack rocks!


Sweet, what is your favorite profile?