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Hello All,

I just wanted to reach out to offer free resume assistance to anyone who would like it. As I’ve been on the form for a while I’ve noticed that some members have expressed interest in receiving help with their resumes and I’d be more than happy to oblige.

I’m not seeking out any compensation, acknowledgment, Instagram tags, or any other kind of recognition. I just want to help. What I can offer is 20 to 30 minutes per person either reviewing your resume and offering suggestions on edits or help lay out a resume from fresh.

I would like to help people that are new to this industry. Maybe they have education, or maybe they don’t have a degree, or maybe they have experience, or maybe they have only gray market experience — it doesn’t matter to me they’re all worthy of help. No egos here.

So if you need some help with starting a resume because you’re interested in applying for a job in this industry feel free to send me a DM


You are a very good person. Can we get this man a tag!? Verified Kind Person


I just signed up today and would appreciate any assistance you can provide. Please let me know if it would be alright to put something together for you to look over and advise on.

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Yes absolutely just DM me

And same goes for anybody else who kind of has a resume was apprehensive about having it looked over look I’m not here about the ego just send it over and I’ll help you where I can.


This is great! Now I need to figure out how to send a DM in here LOL


You need to hang out and read for a bit before DMs are enabled on a new account .

Not sure how long that is these days.

Can’t be bothered looking it up, but figured this thread in particular could at least benefit from a note saying “patience grasshopper…”

@KnowledgeSeth display help DM


Feel free to send when you can

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Thanks for helping out with this. . I don’t need my resume edited but for the other guys out there I’m sure this is a good question. This is for the workers transitioning to the legal side from the traditional market. would it be wise to add previous working skills or not? I put on my resume this information is disclosed until interview. I didn’t want any incriminations to happen to myself but at the same time this skill and duties acquired would help if i was sending my resume out.


That is a very good question and I think it really depends. Me personally, when I have been in a position to hire, I have never looked down on someone who listened experience from the other side. It really depends on how it is presented - which i think can be done in a professional mannaer. I also believe that flexibility in a transitioning industry is important. Sorry not a yes/no response.


That’s really solid of you. I actually had a friend from a grow fourm help me with mine, so this is really cool to see. I definitely put my experience on there you just phrase is kind of vaguely. “Hydrocarbon based plant extraction” and phrases like this can get the point across well without self incriminating.


Would you call somebody into the interview if they wrote something Like what i said “will disclose upon interview” I guess that’s a hard one also to say yes/no depending on the rest of the resume. I’ve been through school and legal labs so for me to say a description of what I’ve done in the BM isn’t needed. This is more or less a self incriminating thing. Not if you despise the candidate of there past. Actually i would hope people in your position will give reverence to the people who was in the trenches.

Botanical extraction with light petroleum gases* :wink:


Have you thought about giving a template to help them to help you? Seems like if format was easier than you can provide your time towards other parts of the resume

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Hmmm… that is a tough one because I see this in shades of grey. I would rather see transparency but I totally understand the whole self-incrimination thang :slight_smile:

Sigh, what wretched legal issues we must endure. In any case, I find the whole hiring system to be quite broken so I have no qualms taking certain liberties to present yourself in the best way under less than favorable circumstances - so long as that DOES NOT include outrageously lying or over embellishing.

If someone lists a skill on their resume, it is fair game to ask questions, including high-level technical ones. I have done this every-time I interviewed a tech.

So with that said, if I were in the position where my experience was from the other side, I would probably just say I was a consultant. Or a sole-proprietor and worked under prop.215. I would get creative :slight_smile: Sorry I don’t have a better answer. But I know I would’t let that bar me from putting myself forward. It’s all in the presentation. Unfortunately some employers won’t be able to see past it, but others will.

Also look at this way, I am likely getting dozens of resumes for one opening. I may not have the time to screen every single one, and if 11 of 12 gave disclosure but 1 wrote “will discuss at interview” could you see my dilemma?


I think in time, for now I have a template I use as I parse the resume. Want to go through a few cycles before moving on to the next iteration which may include issuing a template, either a word doc or web form, to fill.


Cool that’s a good alternative to put down. I 100% agree with the lying. I rather hire somebody that shows drive/passion than fir me to see right through them in the first 5 minutes and realize they are talking shit.
I absolutely see the dilemma and trust me i was staring at my revised resume for an hour and kept thinking what if and deleted it.

That’s why i had to ask and I’m sure a lot of transitioning people have this concern. Initially this stopped me from sending my resume into getting into the legal side on and other websites such as these. I resorted to this forum and in 30 minutes i had a few messages. Luckily my first interview didn’t ask for a resume. The recommendation from the fellow member was all i needed. My interview turned into an hour of talking to everybody in the lab and of course a sesh at the end lol so it was smooth.

Another question. Would you suggest candidates to add there username to the resume if they use this site?

If someone should include their F42K username on their resume I think it really depends because I can see it both helping and hurting depending on where you are applying what an individual’s behavior has been on the forum (because the comments and posts stick around for a while and sometimes we forget to delete regrettable things),

Me personally I would play it safe and omit my username UNLESS I know the manager for the job I am applying to and maybe they have requested to see some of my posts on F42K. Something else to consider, is that within the legal side of cannabis, the culture of companies really runs the spectrum. Some will only be a few degrees separation from grey/black market. Others will be very much like a corporation and the folks will have ZERO experience on the grey market. For the latter, they are likely to be less receptive to a site like F42K. You really need to know your audience.

I would also extend this to other social media as well, leave it off your applications/resumes. However, I would make an exception for instagram as it is the de facto platform for cannabis visibility and a lot of folks use it as a portfolio which is great. But again, I would be careful and maybe clean up questionable posts/images.


might depend on your username. who the hell is gonna knowingly hire a @cyclopath :thinking:


I would… Hahaha.


“No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness.” That’s why i like about this industry Bc these things don’t matter as much. We all had to be somewhat “off” for the risk we’ve taken to get where we are. BUT there is some names that are an exception i will Kobe in the trash pile such as supreme, LV, gucci, boss, money, or needle dick. Those people shouldn’t even bother putting that on there resume. I would rank as importance in order Safety awareness, integrity, experience/passion, and critical thinking But if they been in the trenches and have equal qualifications oppose to somebody who hasn’t. That’s a no brainer for me :grin: