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best way to stay safe from tainted is to produce your own. Isn’t time to push for the right to do so on a national level. Who has a plan? What can we do to help? The time for action is now.


I have somewhat of a plan, although, I doubt the average “make it at home” type would like my stance on it:

-Home growers can make their own water hash and rosin, or ethanol extract, if they’re terribly concerned about waxes, they can winterize it themselves.
-This winterized oil can be distilled by the person, without the use of reagents.

That’s literally it. With all the recent incidents involving unregulated and unlicensed butane/propane labs exploding lately, the “common man” has proven that in the spirit of harm reduction, dudes in their garage provide a safety concern for their neighbors and surrounding lands. Therefore, hydrocarbon/CO2/large scale ethanol labs should only be allowed to operate under regulation. Additionally, only people trained in how to do thorough cleanup, and that can get their product tested by a third party certified analytical lab can use reagents to isomerize, modify chemical structure, or perform pesticide remediation on ANY extract.

I’m totally up for debate though.


I want to see a world where everyone has their own presses at home, and we sell prepackaged (in micron screen) hash ready for squishing!
Fresh pressed tastes the best :slight_smile:


So wait a minute. Your 1st post says “at home”, now in this post you wanna sell packs of kief to press.

Sounds like the usual sales pitch to me.


LOL that’s not the OP. Too many dabs?


packs of IWE. In my opinion its safer to make extracts in a lab setting. Not everyone at home is as meticulous about keeping a clean environment for processing. :joy:

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For starters. I’m hoping someone here knows how to get the ball rolling for home grow, adult use nationwide. Home extraction would less prevalent and dangerous if it were out of the shadows. Like who runs a propane grill in their house? No one. Because your allowed to do it on the patio.

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Well Midnight Oil its really quite easy. You have two platforms you can use to educate the masses. Tik Tok, or Pintrest. Now, either option you pick will require glamour and glitz. We are trying to turn on the female population to the idea of a closet/ home grow. Not to say women do not grow, but I have known many a men too whipped by their ladies and are not allowed to grow, and never a lady too whipped by her man and not allowed to grow. Once we have created a DIY on Pintrest with some cute christmas lights hanging through out the canopy, and a Cannadance you can only do in your garden on Tik Tok. Then you will have your growing of the masses. I can make said DIY and Dance Video for a low 6 figure consulting fee.


Home grow nationwide? Even if homegrow was legalized federally several states would outlaw it.

Start with specific states first, particularly ones that influence other states developing legislation. Like Florida for MED, where you can see many states that are emulating their model (GA, AL, LA). For REC the cynical side of me says that IL’s new system (grandfathered 55 MED dispensaries+22 cultivation centers) and only adding 75 new dispensaries and 40 small growers+infusers will probably heavily influence NJ, NY, PA, etc. I don’t want to rant about how after a given state develops legislation that has a chance of passing advocates usually stop caring about license allocations and homegrowing rights, but that’s a big problem.

You really have to join lobbying groups, political councils, etc and be at the table to refute the points of multi state operators who hilariously say homegrowing will be a public safety hazard because they’re scared their mids won’t sell. Educate them on the carpetbaggers that will add nothing more than a few minimum wage jobs to their constituents, and how much additional tax revenue they will generate by lowering the barrier to entry. By allowing homegrowing licensees will sell seeds, clones, equipment, etc. Low income patients will be able to afford to grow their own, and growing has proven to be therapeutic to veterans with PTSD.


I have a gallon bag of seeds, waiting for a nice rain to go on a hike and spread them all out to grow.

My county only allows one plant outdoors for home growers, neighboring county banned outdoor home grows even with having many many many multiple acre greenhouse grows with 50k+ plants in each GH

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Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking. Have any names of lobby groups or counsels? Is anyone in New York a part of a movement? I don’t really internet much other than here. No Facebook, IG, or Pinterest for me. Before Future I gave up on finding intelligent life on the web. Which is why I’m asking you all for some ideas.

There are laws against home grows?



Funny part is they allow six indoors where I live, but it’s against fire code to setup an indoor home grow inside your property, so yeah. Indoors, but no light. Woohoo prop 64 legalize it?
Also with houses starting at 1m for a complete dumpy 2br , good luck having any decent amount of space. Gotta go buy that sweet sweet taxed boof that smells like wet dog at $40/ 1/8


Bay Area eh?


Classic ignorant government over reach. Another reason to keep your laws off my meds.

For the longest time when i lived in the emerald triangle i used to just say living in the county gives you a good ol boys permit to do whatever you want !


Yeah, woops.